Getting your parents a phone is every young person’s dream who aspires to work after completing their education. Surprising your parents with a gift from your first salary, is a thrill none other can match! However, this young boy from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, who started his own Youtube channel when he was 14, gifted his father his first Iphone while he was still in school. Isn’t that inspiring?

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Read on to know about Pranay Chouhan, his channel Tech Theory, and his journey to becoming the latest in the line of prominent YouTubers who won the ‘Best Under-15 Content Creator on Social Media’ award at the Social Media Summit Awards at Vijayawada (SMSA). The channel gives viewers insight into the latest technology available in the market in Hindi.

For those who don’t know, The Social Media Summit Awards is India’s biggest social media summit.

Pranay has also recieved the Youtube’s SILVER PLAY AWARD which YouTube sends once you cross 100,000 Subscribers on your channel!

Pranay, who studies at the Vindhyachal Academy in Dewas, has over 98,400 followers on YouTube. His talent and eye for technology, coupled with his beeline of followers led him to the recognition he has today!

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A tech freak since he was eight, he was always quite adept at dismantling and reassembling gadgets, and eventually planned on setting up his own YouTube channel, with the name Tech Theory, on April 4, 2016. Pranay, who already watched YouTube videos, observed that no tech channels catered to the Hindi-speaking strata. Here’s when he decided to go ahead making explainer videos, doing tech reviews, all in Hindi! What’s more interesting to note is, he doesn’t take help from a pre-written script. With his knowledge, confidence and articulation, he is able to establish a better connect with his viewers.

 “Even my father used to call me up from his office and ask me about computers when he would get stuck. I would dismantle old phones and computers, just out of curiosity,” he says. It was April 4, 2016, when Pranay (then in his X standard), uploaded his first video, continuing which, he tries uploading two to three videos per week. Striking a balance between his passion and student life, Pranay insures that he makes the most of available time. Not only does he work hard at both aspects already, even though making money already, Pranay knows the value of structured education.

His discipline really shows; With a CGPA of 9.4 in class X, Pranay is now preparing for JEE and wants to pursue engineering in the future. His quest to follow his passion, his dedication towards his career and studies, is really commendable. At such a young age, such clarity is so hard to find.

We are sure, that at such an age where teenagers while away time surfing the internet and making friends online, Pranay who is already such a dynamic, focused person, would do wonders in the future. “My friends usually call out to me when they play, but I’d rather work on my videos”, he says. And indeed, Pranay delivers two or three videos a week on his YouTube channel. With class XII studies, that’s some real conviction!

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Talking about the award he received – Pranay won the Best Under 15 Content Creator on Social Media at the Social Media Summit Awards (SMSA) held in Vijayawada, on November 2018. His entry to which came as a huge surprise for him and his family. SMSA, which was conducted on November 9 and 10, is the same summit which was attended by actor Kareena Kapoor, Samantha Akkineni, and several others. This summit honours those who not only have a huge following on social media but are also trendsetters in more ways than one, and yes you’ve guessed it, Pranay was among the winners. His parents were stunned at the power of social media, and what their son has created. It was almost unbelievable for him to believe until he received an official mail from the organisers of the award show confirming him being one of the winners.

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On his channel, Pranay is a tech reviewer who reviews phones, breaks myths around technology and even conducts #AskPranay sessions!

You can know more about him and his tryst with technology here 

So, this was the inspiring story of this young boy from Dewas who made it big in this competitive world at such a young age. We hope you find some inspiration from his story, and a renewed ambition to fuel your dreams. Afterall, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

If a similar story that inspired you somewhere in life, you can share it with us. We’d love to feature your story!  

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