Wanderlust is one word that has been making rounds for the past few years. With every young person’s Instagram feed filled with sunsets, blue skies, and beaches, one thing that scares us all is having to pack! Wish there were a magic wand to pack us up in a second. Well, that’s way too far-fledged for reality, so here we are having curated some tried and tested ways, and some essential things which you should definitely be packing with your travel bag.

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Read on to know how to pack lighter, smarter, and faster!

A packing checklist

Try keeping a checklist atleast a few days prior so that you don’t forget certain things that cross your mind when you are not essentially going to travel the next day. This way you can easily recollect all your essentials and shop for them while you still have time. A packing checklist can easily be cross-checked while leaving home for your vacay, so that you don’t miss out on any tiny essentials.

Roll up your outfits

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Folding your clothes from end to end has been replaced with rolling them up, you guys! So ditch the vintage way and roll away; This not only helps keeping your ironed clothes crease free, but also saves you a ton of space.

Carry a waterproof/zip lock toiletry bag

The toiletries which you essentially use while in the shower can be packed up in a zip lock or a waterproof toiletry pouch. This will save you a lot of hassle and your other costly makeup won’t get in the way of getting wet.

Pack your essentials in a separate pouch

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Use an extra carry-on bag that has your lotion, comb, wipes, earplugs, battery backup, wallet etc. This way you wouldn’t have to reach for your luggage everytime. This can also easily be carried to the washroom instead of carrying a huge handbag.

Carry a needle and thread

Add a needle and thread in your toiletry pouch, along with some safety pins. Trust us, this can come in quite handy in case of a fashion emergency.

Pack a tiny first-aid kit

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Have a ready to go fix for anything that you might be prone to, from headaches to backaches, food poisoning or sudden fever, cuts and scrapes, and other ailments it’s a great idea to pack yourself some medicines and quick essentials. Stack your toiletry bag with Band-aids, crocin, pain relievers, cold medicine, medicine for stomach trouble, itch relief ointment, antibiotics.

Travel sized bottles

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Large, chunky bottles not only take up a lot of space, but are also prone to leakage. Instead, buy small travel sized bottles to carry your essential grooming products like shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and the like! Look for quality bottles that are spill proof and can be used over the years.

Pack by outfit

Instead of choosing to keep whatever you like in the moment, make a mental plan on what you’d be wearing while on your vacation. You can add in an extra outfit or two just in case, but anything more than that will only make your bags heavy. Same goes for shoes and accessories. Pack what you are really going to use, and not everything that you have.

Pack your Jewelry smartly

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If accessorizing is your thing, make sure you carry along a tiny, portable alternative to chunky boxes that don’t fit. Buy a cheap medicine case for storing jewelry while on the go. This will keep your jewelry from entangling and will also give you enough space to pack a variety of earrings, rings, and other tiny items.

Pick packing cubes

Recently in trend, these are excellent separators that pack in right in your luggage and act as dividers. Packing cubes are a lifesaver when you are traveling with a lot of items and you need to utilize even the littlest bit of space in your bag. These packing cubes help you to accommodate many things in one bag and are very easily available in the market or online stores.

Pack some snacks

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Use zip locks to pack yourself some dry fruit/nuts/lotus seeds (makhaana), biscuits or even energy bars. This can come in quite handy and can help you avoid in-flight expensive food or the not so appetizing food you get in trains. You can keep a pouch or two conveniently in your handbag and crunch on healthier snacks.  

Keep hair clips in place

Since us ladies tend to lose endless hair ties, and hair clips, store them in an empty tic-tac container, or alternately a small zip lock. This will help you find them easily, and prevent you from spilling them all over your makeup pouch.  

Keep a shoe bag handy

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Shoe bags are an excellent invention, and should be used diligently, no kidding! Pack your shoes in a sturdy shoe bag. Also, good hotels always have disposable shoe bags in their room closets. These can be used to carry back worn shoes while on your way back.

Always carry a size bigger  

Try avoiding a jam-packed suitcase, by taking a size bigger so that whatever you buy on your trip can be stored conveniently on your way back. Trust us, the sight of plastic carry bags on journeys is so off-putting, and more than that it’s inconvenient.   

It’s never a great idea of take along big, chunky shampoo bottles, or bringing back tons of shopping bags that don’t fit in your luggage.  With the above tips you can be ready for a trip at a moment’s notice. Here were some of our suggestions to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, your cosmetics spill-proof, and your souvenirs safe, whether you’re packing for a solo trip or for your entire family.

We hope you were able to pick some ways to organize your carry-on luggage, how to trim down to avoid those excess baggage fees, and a few easy tricks to help you remember the little items you’re most likely to forget.

If you have more such tips in mind, DM us or feel free to comment below!

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