Weird and Funny Challenges That are Trending Amid Corona Outbreak!

    Necessity is the mother of invention and today, in order to curb the spread of coronavirus, staying indoors has become the need of the hour. However, that has turned people more creative and with each passing day, people are coming up with various social media challenges to keep them busy.

    From the #Safehand challenge to the quarantine travel challenge, people are taking up several social media challenges to fight boredom during the coronavirus lockdown. Let’s take a peek into some of the social media challenges that have been doing rounds during the Quarantine- 

    Safe Hands

    In an attempt to urge people to practise hygienic hand washing, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched the social media campaign- #safehands challenge. In the challenge, people posted videos of them washing their hands for 20 seconds. Celebrities and famous social media personalities took active participation in the challenge. 

    Until tomorrow challenge

    As a part of this challenge, users on Instagram are posting their eccentric, weird and embarrassing pictures with the caption “#untiltomorrow”. To take part in the challenge, you have to like someone’s picture with the hashtag #untiltomorrow. Once you do that, you should receive a message to share a snap of yourself with the same caption. Your snap should be visible to others for at least 24 hours. 

    Saree challenge

    Social media is flooded with pictures of people in sarees. After posting a picture of yourself, you are required to tag your friends and challenge them to do the same. After the saree challenge gained popularity amongst people, the men also started taking part in the challenge by posting a picture of themselves in dhotis.

    Quarantine travel challenge

    One of the most fun-filled challenges, Quarantine travel challenge required people to share a picture of themselves from across the world wherein they had traveled and in another picture, the recreation of the same at home using various props. The results shared by the users were hilarious. 

    Instagram template challenge

    Though this challenge existed way before, it got popular amongst people recently. In this challenge, a user is required to post a questionnaire template from Instagram and answer these questions using gifs or stickers. After you have answered, you are required to tag your friends and pass on the challenge. The variations of the challenge include ‘Bingo challenge’, ‘This or That challenge’ and the ‘bucket list challenge’.

    Dalgona Coffee challenge

    Inspired by South Korean Dalgona candy  (a sugary toffee with a soft sponge-like texture), the trend has become quite popular these days. Because of its easy-to-make recipe and aesthetically pleasing look, the drink has become extremely popular. 

    Quarantine pillow challenge

    As a part of the Quarantine Pillow challenge, participants are required to make outfits from their favourite pillows.  Participants  even accessorise it with a heavy belt, pearl necklace or funky shoes. You can take a look at some of the trending pictures under the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge

    Tic Tac Toe challenge with pets

    This challenge on TikTok is all about playing ‘tic tac toe’ with their pets. Since most pets lack the opposable thumbs needed to play the game with pen and paper, people are coming up with unusual ways of involving them. Whilst few draw on their behalf, others are putting treats to prompt pets to pick their spot. 

    #MeAt20 challenge

    As the name suggests, in this challenge, users post a picture of themselves when they were 20-years-old, with the hashtag #MeAt20. From youngsters to celebrities, the challenge seems to have gained the attention of all.

    The gesture challenge

    Accompanied by fast-paced music, in this challenge, people are required to perform a set of complex hand movements. The challenge has caught the attention of various celebrities including The Jonas Brothers, Dan Osborne, and Jacqueline Jossa.

    Quarantine dance challenge

    Amongst all the challenges, this is one of the most popular one wherein a person is required to simply dance to any song of their choice and post the video under the hashtag # QuarantineDance challenge. Furthermore, the participant is also required to pass on the challenge to his or her friends by tagging them. 

    Pass the brush challenge

    In this challenge, a person starts with a natural look and then reveals their glamorous look after briefly covering the camera screen with a makeup brush. The brush is then passed to the next participant in the challenge. 

    Did you try these internet challenges yet?


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