Minimalism is one word that has been making rounds since the last few years. A lot of young people are actively thinking about diving towards being a minimalist. And let us tell you, it’s not about depriving yourself but it’s about that conscious intention to de-clutter, not being a hoarder, and just buying things that we actually need and use. Well, the popular adage that highlights the basic essentials of life aka Roti, Kapda, makaan has never been truer.

Surprisingly, the western world has taken to minimalism faster than us, and us Indians whose foundations began with the very basics are now turning into conscious hoarders (buying everything money can buy), and accumulating tangible things like it’s the end of the world! This not only has its disadvantages personally, by environmentally too we are adding to a lot of clutter, a lot of non-biodegradable waste, and we’d put this as delicately as we can – irresponsible consumption that is leading to larger biological imbalance (we’d get to this later).

So, those of you wanting to take the minimalist road, or are keen on knowing what’s what, keep on reading, as we decode minimalism through 10 easy ways, and how you can incorporate it, save money and de-clutter efficiently.

Minimalism is all about simple living, healthy living, and finding things (both tangible and intangible), that provide value and purpose.


Sentimental Items From The Past


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No, we absolutely don’t mean that you get rid of things that hold a meaning to your life, or give you inspiration. We are just wanting you to re-evaluate. Like a lot of hand-me-downs which are of no use any longer – clothes, bags, shoes, decorative items – can be kept as a memory by passing them on to you younger siblings or even photographing the items instead of keeping them forever. And please don’t part with photographs, letters, or gifts, they are sentimental and definitely deserve a place.


Pass On Anything That Will Make Someone Else Happier


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Donating school books, old clothes that aren’t torn, shoes and other items can be purposely taken care of by donating them. A lot of organizations like Goonj, Robinhood Army, and others are working for the cause – providing food and other necessities to the less fortunate. You can consider giving away items that you haven’t used in the past year or two and this can greatly help you with the clutter, and will also pave your way towards minimalism.


Unrealistic Expectations

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Particular mindsets that are about what others think of you, more than what you can afford or need, are especially stressful and meaningless.  Again, not everything can be done all at once. So take your time with letting go things, don’t give in to peer pressure, and always put your understanding




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A lot of things that we keep on buying thinking they’d be helpful on a rainy day, sometimes never see the light of the day. Whatever is extra and is not needed, get rid of them. If you think towels and extra bed linen that’s not in a great condition won’t be accepted at homeless shelters, try animal shelters. The accept most of it to keep the animals warm during the winters. This also includes the ‘Just in case stuff’, which are kept for way too long, kitchenware, and what not. De-clutter starts right there, if they not of any value you can get rid of them.


The Tempting Mantra


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Whenever we set our eyes on anything anywhere we go, and that urge it bring it home, can be replaced with a more realistic approach – DO I really need this? Will it be of any use? Can this be avoided? This way you will not only save a lot of money but will also stay free from a lot of unnecessary time, space, and energy you put into things that are not needed. You can just keep a separate box/account for travel funds, while you consciously save on money and see how it will give you long term happiness. Again, impulsive shopping can be avoided to keep yourself clutter free.


Make A Wishlist


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Making a wishlist of things that you need, and also things you want to do. This will help you achieve two things – one, will help you dwell a little on the essentials, and whether or not you really need the, and second will help you prioritize. This way your over-spending nature can be efficiently curbed and you can put your resources and energy into something that will give you a lifetime of happiness, like travelling.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


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Most Indians don’t believe in this concept, because, hello, if money can buy it, you have it! Well, that’s the exact mindset that we need to change. Please consider that endless plastic bottles that not getting recycled, the micro beads in your extravagant facewash that smells “heavenly” is actually killing the aquatic life, and so many synthetic dyes used in clothing that you fail to reuse are actually being washed off with water and creating more nuisance than you can ever think of! If you read and understand why minimalism is important, you may not need convincing!


Foods That Don’t Make You Feel Good

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Avoid foods that make you feel bloated, are too oily, or have too many synthetic flavors. This will help you save money, let you stay fit, and help you stay free of unnecessary marmalades, jams, achaars, and other stuff that just looks ornamental.  Try picking up healthy, easy to cook food, and keep your body clutter-free as well!


Long Term Happiness


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Lastly, always focus on the long term happiness! Certain things that give you momentary happiness should never be hoarded on just because they give you joy at the moment. This will end up in you having a lot of unworn dresses, a lot of unused make-up, a lot of unused tiny add-ons that are just not needed. Focusing on your long term happiness will give you a content heart and a lifetime of memories that matter.

We hope we could introduce you to the idea of minimalism, and were able to give you some valid points on how to pursue it. If you are a minimalist, or on the road to being one, do share your ideas and ways with us. Read, and share!

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