Come Monsoons and we all want to sit with warm teas and hot pakoras. While the classic aloo pakoras or pyaaz pakoras are an ideal snack for the rainy season, Sindhi dishes are also much loved during the rains. If you are from Indore, you must know about the famous Sindhi colony and its beauty when it comes to tasty street side Sindhi food.

Sizzling and dazzling with lots of flavours, Sindhi cuisines are to die for! Whether it is Koki or crunchy pakwan dal for breakfast, your tastebuds will not allow you to have anything else if you develop the taste for sindhi food.  If you have ever tried sindhi food, maybe through your friend’s tiffin or in a restaurant, you must be aware of the charm of Sindhi food.

Today, we will take you through 10 such dishes and their recipes, for you to try at home, this monsoon!

1. Koki 

Koki is one of the most favourite Sindhi dishes of people. Usually, it is served as a breakfast. It is a thick roti which has green chillies, onions and coriander leaves in it. Koki is usually eaten with curd or pickle. 

2. Sai bhaji tikki

This is one of the healthiest versions of sindhi dishes in which Sai Bhaji is prepared with spinach, dill leaves, chana dal and other vegetables. Usually, it’s the leftovers of sai bhaji which are used to prepare these tikkis. 

3. Tuk patata or aloo tuk 

Tuk Patata, also known as aloo tuk is deep-fried potato which is sprinkled with red chilli, amchur and coriander powder. 

4. Arbi (taro root) tuk 

Just like aloo tuk, arbi tuk is made with taro root and is crispier. 

5. Sindhi aloo tikki 

Unlike regular tikkis, sindhi aloo tikki is combined with bread slices in order to add that extra crunch. 

6. Dal pakwan 

Other than Koki, Dal Pakwan is a favourite breakfast among Sindhis. 

7. Sanna pakora 

Perfect for a rainy day, Sanna pakoras are hot, steamy and crunchy dumplings made of besan and other spices.

8. Mithi koki or lolo

The sweet version of Koki is Mithi Koki, also known as Lolo. The dish is prepared with whole wheat flour, sugar or jaggery. 

9. Bhee ji tikki 

It is quite common to use Lotus stem in Sindhi cooking, whether it is sabzis or snacks. 

10. Chaap chole 

Chaap is a type of tikki stuffed with channa daal. It is topped on bread and drizzled with chole, onions, green and tamarind chutney, and enjoyed as a chaat. 


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