The peak Summer heat has the MET department issuing red color alert in various cities. A temperature as high as 46 degree Celsius, with heat waves taking a toll, nothing really stops. Working women won’t cease to stop, even though a new sunscreen will make an entry in their bags, working men won’t let the sweat come in-between getting the job done, and lastly, a vacation or two won’t fill in for the two months of hot-hell that we go through each year!

Even though monsoon might be on the way, forecasters have said that this time mid-June is when it will start to reach North India. While the sun god is on it, let’s do whatever we can to limit the toll on our skin and bodies, and prevent us from having a heat stroke. We recently told you how you can make you Coolers cool you off like an air conditioner (Read here), and today we will take you through 5 fabrics you can switch to this summer to let you breathe in peace.


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Linen has made quite a comeback and is doing rounds owing to its sustainable nature. Designers are bringing in day dresses, summer pants, kurtas, shirts, and what not! The fabric is not only super breathable but looks fabulous. It lets heat escape your body, and will keep you cool for those squad lunches, office meetings, a date, and even a vacation. So many options in linen are making a statement this summer, so don’t shy up on hoarding dresses, shorts, tops, jumpsuits, shirts, or kurtas. A linen suit is good an option too!


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This comeback fabric of the season has been known for its versatility and comfort since time immemorial. Pick out khadi kurtas, pants, or dresses for a tiring day at work, or as a relaxed ensemble for a brunch.


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Chiffon has been a staple for several young ladies for decades. Men can also spot chiffon shirts and make a statement. If you are someone who hates clingy clothes or clothes that are practically non-breathable, make chiffon your staple. It looks elegant and flattering at the same time. From chiffon skirts that flow beautifully, to chiffon sarees that make you look elegant like a queen, or a romantic dress with a top knot bun can make you look chic, while making you comfortable and sweat free all day long. Chiffon rompers and jumpsuits are also quite a rage, make sure you pick something that suits your style, and step out in the summer heat perfectly comfortable.

Cotton and classic

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Nothing beats a breezy cotton dress in Summers. It looks super smart, and can be elegantly styled too. Cotton shirts for men are an all time favourite too, and can be worn to office as well. Pick cotton shirts instead of ones in clingy fabrics or synthetic ones. Coming to Summer dresses, they don’t have to be short to feel like summer, an elegantly worn midi dress, with three fourth sleeves, styled up with a belt and sliders can make you look classy. Cotton dresses, shirts, tops, can be done up for any occasion nowadays. With a bevy of styling options available, suit your comfort first, and then your style. A pure cotton tee paired up with a skirt or high waist pants can let you make quite a statement!


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Chambray has been making rounds in the fashion industry for quite some time now. A popular summer fabric trend in 2019, Chambray is a thin fabric with a finer weave that’s not as restricting when it comes to shorts, rompers, and even jumpsuits. It’s breathable, layers well, and doesn’t feel too harsh on the skin. It resembles denim in aesthetic, but it’s so forgiving under the hot sun. Style chambray as dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, and crop tops.

It’s time you stock away leather, limit denim pieces, and keep the polyester in the gym!

That was that for fashion advice, but when it comes to Summer, no amount of right clothing will help you survive the heat unless you cultivate habits that will keep you cool on the inside too. Here are some quick ways.

Hydration is key

If your eyes are feeling droopy, or you are suddenly feeling out of energy, increase your intake of water. Summers will dehydrate you way more, so a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water is recommended per day. Do carry a water bottle along whenever you step out during summer to keep up the hydration levels. You can also squeeze in some lemon and a pinch of rock salt into a bottle of chilled water and carry it along to work, or anywhere you go during peak hours. 

Never skip sunscreen

No matter you are a male or female, never ever skip sunscreen. Skin issues such as tanning, skin burns and rashes are quite common during summers, and extreme exposure to UV rays can cause ageing and even cancer in certain cases. The intensity of UVB rays is the highest between 10am and 2pm, therefore make sure you wear sunblock higher than 50 SPF, and carry along an umbrella if possible. You can also wear a cotton scarf while you step out in the sun, make use of caps and hats and protect your hands while driving. 

Avoid spicy food

Avoid eating outside in Summers, stay away from “hot” foods that are too spicy. Hot peppers can be replaced with green chillies, hot peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin which makes your body sweat more without raising the body temperature. So the more you eat, the more heat your body will produce. Switch to smaller portions and more liquids. Dahi-chawal can be a great dish for summers.

Make sure to take care of your body first, and also switch to breathable, non-synthetic fabrics in Summer. Sun the insoles of your shoes and properly air dry them from time to time to sanitize them through any bacterial growth due to sweat in summers. 

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