It’s  70 , it’s cold, it’s Indore and I’m loving it!

 Here are 6 Awesome Reasons to Like Indore Winters Even More

  1. Eat More- Warm up more

Indore and winters is all about eating. Coffee at Chhappan, Tea at Sarwate, Corn Kiss at Sarafa and there is so much mouth-watering stuff in Indore. Go Eating!




  1. Beautiful Morning Walk Tracks

Indore has beautiful roads and a lot of them are exclusively for winters. Y.N. Road, MR 10, Ring Road- all you need is to pull up your socks (literally) and kick your butt out.




  1. Tibet Market

The most awaited Tibet market comes with its best winter wear collection in this time. What could make winters when you get to shop winter wears in bulk and that too at your best price.




  1. Photography time

Don’t blush till I say Cheese, or its winters. Oh! Well now you can.

Natural Fog, Surround Plush and you with your pink cheeks; still waiting for the right time? Ready-Smile-Click! Winter is your perfect time.





  1. Limited 1 month a year Offer


By November when you hear all your friends and relatives talking about, “how cold it’s here” stuff, you probably feel that you reside in some other planet that is cursed to never feel cold. The forever dry and hot Indore gets its winter only for a limited edition, so you get to enjoy it and only enjoy it more every time.


  1. Mandav Utsav

Winters are no more about wrapping yourself in cosy blanket days. Madhya Pradesh tourism has got more for you than snuggling in your bed. December 2014 brings bunch of activities to give you an adrenaline rush: paragliding, para sailing, bana boat ride etc. Get set to celebrate Indore Winters.




  1. Gadadu Time

You get it all the season but for once a year you can enjoy it the most. Decembers are here, Gadadu is in Sarafa- what are you waiting for?




Have any better reason to like Indore more this season? Do let us know- we would love to add it to our list of 6 Awesome Reasons to Like Indore in Winters Even More.


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