Event marketing has always been a challenge for event organizers but now reaching out to the masses has become easier and cooler with the presence of digital mediums.

Our blooming city Indore sees a eventful time all round the year! Talking about central India’s event scenario from cultural events like Malwa Utsav, Jatra etc. to  the most happening events like Sunburn and Wedding Asia Exhibition , Indore is the most promising platform for all sorts of events.

Where does IndoreHD come into play?

IndoreHD plays an important role as a curator by selecting the most substantial and worthy events. From a list of 1000’s of events that take place in Indore’s gullies to the most renowned venues we make sure you know about the most genuine ones!

As an informer IndoreHD provides all the necessary information so that you are rightly informed about the most genuine event taking place in the city.

As one of the most reliable event marketing agency in Indore ,we play the best role by communicating about your events between the right audience, at the most appropriate place and time.

  1. Market Behavior Research and Event Analytics

We believe customer is the king; the kingdom is full of competitors. Keeping in mind both, we research about the market scenario, analyze the audience’s preference and the competitor’s strategies which in turn maximizes your reach.

  1. One stop event marketing solutions

We are inclined towards serving, not just selling..One stop digital media solutions is what we provide for the same.Indore HD publicizes your events through digital marketing, elevating your events reach by featuring it on our website, social media platforms like facebook, YouTube, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc.

  1. Designing and Executing Digital Campaigns

IndoreHD  not only just markets your events  but also gives you  an agency collateral to conceptualize and design beautiful event flyers, banners, customized posters, personalized invitations, tickets, hoardings etc .

  1. Outdoor Publicity and Other Assistance

Taking it further we also help you out in outdoor publicity of your events by making anchors, DJ’s, comedians, singers etc available, which is done by our sister concern Bollywood Overseas. Furthermore, we help you sell tickets and plan your event campaign rightly.

  1. Event Coverage and Allied Services

Being a part of your event is our pleasure, covering it rightly with the help of still photography, video post production, after movies etc are a few services that we provide.

  1. B2B Support and Sponsorship Assistance

If we did all things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves said Thomas Edison. Being inspired by the same words we make sure we find you business to business solutions from our vast business database directory and sponsorship consultancy to support your events.

 We think, we appreciate, we plan and promote every event intelligently .Things can be  more  beautiful when addressed rightly by us , so collaborate with Indore HD for event promotions , pre and post event blogs, maximum audience reach and more!


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