In this ever-changing and fast-paced life, it has become difficult to take care of oneself let alone the loved ones! Keeping it in mind, this revolutionary kiosk will change the way you take care of yourself for someone has rightly said, if health is lost, everything is lost!

With the help of a new and rather revolutionary move, you can get free and quick medical checkups on the go at these mobile AHM (Anytime Health Monitoring) centers. Since they are equipped with diagnoses for over 50 diseases, one can expect most illnesses’ prognoses here.

Get hassle-free medical checkups at these ‘AHM’ kiosk stations in Indore, absolutely free!

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Why AHMs?

Though, good health is often attributed to cleanliness, eradicating diseases is not what happens! Hence, despite Indore being the cleanest city in India, there is not a lack of diseases. Since the mosquito season is almost upon us, the afflictions might not be too far behind. They say that prevention is better than cure and the Indore Smart City Development Ltd (ISCDL) authorities have taken note, which is why they have begun the new AHM concept.

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How do AHMs Work?

Much like an ATM, the AHM machines have been designed with the same philosophy- ease of use. The ISCDL made this decision as they want people from all walks of life to make use of the service, which has been installed on a pilot basis as of now.

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How can you Use One?

Here, all you have to do is first register your mobile number and email ID, approach the machine and select health checkups. Within the menu, you will be given several options to choose from, wherein you can put in your symptoms. Apart from that, you can also test yourself for a total of 58 ailments. Once you are done with that, a detailed PDF report will be sent to your email ID, which can be shown to a doctor for further assistance.

In fact, you can also have one-on-one live video conferences with doctors right from the AHM kiosks. The doctors can then prescribe you medicines, which are easily available. The kiosks are rather high-end and equipped with various medical scopes that are attached to the machines.

Get hassle-free medical checkups at these ‘AHM’ kiosk stations in Indore, absolutely free!

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Where are AHM Pods in the City?

As of now, the AHM idea has been implemented at several hot spots within the city, on a pilot basis. Once the implementation becomes mainstream, the planners aim to install them at corporate parks, malls, airports, residential complexes, and rural areas.

For the working class of people, taking time off the busy schedule is not an option. In that respect, it becomes tough to balance one’s health and work-life. However, with the help of the AHM kiosks, one can expect better and more convenient medical services, without any cost.

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