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Indore Gears To Get A Better Hold At Traffic With 4 New Roads In The Pipeline!

Looks like the reasons for celebration will be going on for Indorians even after all the festivities are over!  In order to ease out traffic-related issues, Indore will get four new roads in the city. Residents of Indore are always on the lookout for new and exciting developments and that is why we are here […]

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A Welfare Policy For Transgenders To Roll Out Soon In M.P.

A few months after Sanjana Singh, a transwoman, joined the state government as the personal secretary of the director of the department of social justice and disabled welfare, the state will roll out a welfare policy for its transgender residents in the next two months. Of the different issues which the recently appointed Congress-led government […]

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इंदौर देश का पहला और अकेला ऐसा शहर, जिसमें बिजली के एक लाख Smart Meters हैं!

Indore has made a mark to be one of those cities which takes an initiative whole heartedly and in the process, receives a plethora of awards and in the lieu of the same, Indore is ready to make its mark in the department of electricity as well, making it another feather in Indore’s already brimming […]

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Women Operated Cabs In Indore Prove The City’s Finesse At Everything!

While equal pay at work, barring entry from a temple on the basis of gender still make it to the Prime Time news in this century, cabs in Indore operated by women drivers, are a progressive step towards equality for it is one such initiative that points in the same direction as the newly launched […]

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A Smart City Makeover For Indore? Read Why And How!

Right after the festivities and stubble burning, there were cities that were engulfed with polluted air and are still struggling for cleaner air. In order to avoid such a situation in Indore and take necessary precautions prior to hand, Indore is on its way to becoming a whole lot greener than ever before. Owing to […]

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शहर के AHM Kiosks से कराएं FREE मेडिकल Checkup!

In this ever-changing and fast-paced life, it has become difficult to take care of oneself let alone the loved ones! Keeping it in mind, this revolutionary kiosk will change the way you take care of yourself for someone has rightly said, if health is lost, everything is lost! With the help of a new and […]

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Indore To Get A New Traffic Management System To Counter Increasing Jams!

No matter where you look, you will see the city on a spree of development. Of all the developments the city has experienced and is envisioning, one of them is the new traffic management owing to which the way you travel in Indore is going to be changed completely! As part of the plan to […]

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How To Tighten Skin After Weight Loss – वजन घटने के बाद लूज़ स्‍किन को ऐसे करें टाइट!

Congratulations! You have successfully dropped a few sizes by pushing yourself both physically and mentally. But when you look in the mirror, you see that your skin has lost its elasticity and tends to sag. This means that you have lost weight too quickly, and your skin did not get the time to shrink back […]

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14 Easy, Healthy Food Options For The Working Indian.

If you are someone who wakes up 15 minutes before work and hurries themselves to office, you can literally make yourself some breakfast in a jiffy. This will keep you happier through the day, you will feel less lethargic, and it is an excellent way to keep your weight in check and keep yourself healthy […]

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Feminism In The 19th Century: A Woman Who Took The Entire British Raj By Surprise!

While the nation remains abuzz on the big Feminism movement, Rani Laxmi Bai – the queen of Jhansi had already established herself as the leading personalities in the country who also took the British Raj by surprise. Hailed as one of the greatest freedom fighters of the country, she has been an icon of women […]

Health, Hair, Skin : जानिए शहद के चमत्कारी फायदे, इसका सेवन कैसे करें!!

Honey which is sweet and thick in taste and texture respectively is no less than an elixir. Honey is naturally produced by honey bees. It is commonly used as a substitute for sugar and also has many therapeutic uses for the skin like treating wounds and burns. There are ample of benefits of drinking honey […]

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Re-Organize Your Life In These Simple 25 Ways!

1. Make a Savings Goal, and Start Working Towards It This can be as involved as taking a long, hard look at your finances or as easy as putting Rs 500 in an envelope labeled “vacation fund.” Read 10 Money Saving Tips For Millennials that will let you have an Actual Bank Balance! 2. Reorganize […]

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क्या आपका बिज़नेस Online है? आप उठा सकते हैं Whatsapp के इस नये feature का फायदा!

While technology is bringing the world closer and opening endless possibilities for business owners big or small, Whatsapp just launched its new feature for business owners to help them reach customers via smartphones. A new feature, by the name – ‘catalogs’ will now allow businesses to showcase their products to potential customers. This visual aid […]


Why you must Book an Appointment at the First Smart Salon of Indore – BE U Salon

When it comes to salons, Indore doesn’t fail to offer options. From hair salons, nail salons, budget specific, herbal, you name it and it’s there. While our ‘parlor wali didi’, and ‘hair-cut wale bhaiyaa’ are more or less serving us for years, making a switch to an app-based salon will make your lives easier, and […]

2,200 Sikhs From India Have Arrived In Pakistan. Read Why!

In the same week that a relatively quiet judgment of the Ram Janam Bhoomi happened, Sikh pilgrims have been gearing up for the 550th birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev. Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan recently took to social media to share some images of the Kartarpur complex and Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, as an intimation […]