In order to keep a check and reduce the daily generation of waste in Indore,  Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has implemented a ‘zero waste’ concept at one more residential township.

Of the three residential township who have successfully implemented zero-waste concept, Newyork City- located on Rau Bypass Road is set to become the city’s fourth residential township to follow the footsteps towards a waste free township. An official announcement in this regard is expected from IMC soon.

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Talking about the residential townships which have already implemented a zero-waste model including Parmanu Nagar, Classic Purnima and RRCAT, additional commissioner Rajneesh Kasera said that Newyork City would be the new addition.

While all technical guidance has been provided by IMC, it was the residents’ will that helped them become independent in handling waste. The initiative is said to ultimately help IMC reduce the daily generation of waste.

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Authorities are now aiming to implement the same concept at around ten residential townships and colonies of the city by year-end. We talked to the township’s resident’s welfare association president Dilip Goswami who said that a decision regarding making their township a zero-waste colony was taken up by the residents. Though they had to spend some amount of money for initial set up such as the construction of pits, shed, etc. and after running it for like over a month, this system seems to have become self-sustainable as they have started generating revenue by selling waste in the market. He further added that even the payment of private staff hired for collection and treatment of the waste from households is managed by this system and they do not have to spend any money from their pocket.

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We are hoping for more such initiatives that will aid the zero waste model in the city. We are immensely proud that Indore is actively participating in such initiatives.

Indore has now set its Zero Waste Model’s example all around the world. Read our blog on how Indore’s Waste to Energy Model has been adopted by nearly 72 Countries, here


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