Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) had claimed for seven-star garbage-free city for which Centre’s appointed teams came here to verify the aforementioned claims and collect feedback under seven-star garbage-free city rating as well as for the main survey under Swachh Survekshan (SS) League 2020.  

The team consisted of 15 members who were present in the city for around 17 days for physical verification for the seven-star protocol under Garbage Free Cities (GFC) component of the survey. An extensive survey of every ward was conducted by the team who collected 40 pictorial evidence from each ward. In order to further champion their survey, the team also interviewed citizens and corporation staff to verify IMC’s claims on various parameters.

Another team from the Centre came to the city for field observation work under the main survey of SS League 2020. This survey was conducted on different indicators such as beautification, encroachment on stormwater drains and water bodies, level of dust in the air, visible beautification in slum and others. This team also shared personal observations on these parameters. 

While the star rating survey was concluded on Jan 25, the main survey concluded on Jan 26.  The entire work was carried out by the Centre’s team in which IMC officials had no role to play. The team had their own criteria and parameters to make an assessment which inculcated taking pictures, interviewing citizens and others.

The results are most likely to be announced in the month of  March. It is worth noting that Indore has already clinched top position in the first two-quarters of SSL League-2020 among the list of cities with more than 10 lakh population. Results of the third quarter, as well as that of ODF++ and water plus certifications, are also awaited.

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