Whilst speculations were doing rounds on the formation of two municipal corporations in the city, the talks are now about vesting some powers of municipal commissioner to additional commissioner level officials in their respective zones and thereby introduce ‘three-segment zonal commissioner system’ in the city.

As per initial plans, three additional commissioner level officials from IAS cadre in three zones would be delegated with powers of municipal commissioner to run their respective zone or division with a full charge of the commissioner.

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According to the sources,  IMC commissioner Asheesh Singh said that the city will be divided into three zones or divisions with each one of them comprising six municipal zones of the city in which, each division will be headed by the additional commissioner with full rights to act as municipal commissioner.

Mr. Asheesh also talked about the zonal municipal commissioner system that exists in the city like Hyderabad and this system, too will be somewhat like this in nature. He said that the system would be introduced as a pilot project for public works and anti-encroachment wing and if all goes well, other additional commissioner level officials would be given charge.  

The commissioner said that they have also planned to give separate offices to each of the additional commissioners to manage all civic services in their respective areas in a better way.

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The additional commissioner is said to look after project approvals, appointments, planning, financial sanctions, recovery, redressal of complaints along with monitoring of all civic services of his respective zone or division. However, this is not the current work scenario and additional commissioners are there only to assist the commissioner’s work in case of requirement! Additional commissioners will soon have more responsibilities to bear, but it is also said to improve the overall working and service delivery system.

The additional commissioner said that they are going on with initial preparations to launch this system, and an official order regarding the same would be issued soon. He said that the names of additional commissioners are yet to be finalized.

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Corporation’s senior officials said that the commissioner is always burdened with work. Additional commissioners of IMC are delegated with certain powers of commissioner such as financial sanctions of up to Rs2 crore but this would be the first time in the history of IMC when all powers would be given to additional commissioners level officials.

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