DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry will be organising an awareness campaign in Indore where they will be educating people about the merits of Blood Stem Cell Donation and will encourage people to participate in the donation in order to save millions of lives of people, who are in dire need of stem cells. DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry was founded in the year 2009 with a vision to promote donors to step for this noble cause. DATRI is also India’s largest registry with over 116,000 registered potential blood stem cell donors. Till date, they have facilitated more than 152 blood stem donations and they have more than 1000 patients waiting for the right donation to happen. This drive is for those 1000 patients and many more, looking for genetically matched donor.

Blood Stem Cell donations are life saving for people suffering from Cancer. If the right stem cells are donated to the patient, then the life expectancy increases by almost 85%. The donation is not at all complicated and it is as easy as blood platelet donation.

Why DATRI Is Doing This?

Unlike blood donation that can be used in the person with matching blood group, the stem donation cannot be used at every patient. A donor who’s white blood cells matches the type of the patient, then only the procedure can be done. Unfortunately, the matching is so rare that only 25% of the matches happen within the family member. The potential to find the matching Blood Stem in India is 1 to 20,000.

DATRI is spreading awareness for the donations, so that they are able to find more and more matches and as India is a country where more than 121 crore people reside, they are committed to increase the number of the donors by spreading more awareness with our campaigns.

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How We Are Promoting It?

They have spread awareness in the past at various Offices, colleges, and public gatherings. All you have to do is to get register yourself with them with your white blood cell type and contact number and in case the need arises, they will request you for a donation and you could save a life.

How Blood Stem Donation Is Different From Blood Donation?

In a blood donation, a required quantity of blood is taken out from your body and is donated to the person who is in need of it. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the blood type and diseases that the donor must be deprived of. However in blood stem donation, stem cells are taken out from the blood that is being donated. Your blood is taken out from your arm, just like in the blood donation and then it is passed through a machine that only takes out the blood forming cells from it. The remaining blood is then returned to your body through a needle from another arm. The process is very less painful and very much similar to donating blood platelets.

DATRI encourages you to be a part of this drive and Let your family know you’ve registered and are committed to being a stem cell donor and help save a life.

Drive details are as follows : 

1) 22nd Aug 2016 2pm
*Gyrix TechnoLabs*

20-21, Orlando Academy, Press Complex, Near LIG square, AB Road, Indore. 452010.

2) 22 Aug 2016 4pm
Organization name
*Vatsana Technology*

911, Shekhar Central, Palasia Square, Indore, India 452001, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

3) 23 Aug 2016 10.30am
*Indore Christian college*
Indore Christian college

Nasiya road , near Sarwate Bus Stand. Indore




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