Do you find yourself staring into the phone too much? So much so that you can’t concentrate anywhere? I recently saw a friend who kept using their phone while watching TV, only to tell me that they were way too distracted. Don’t the likes, comments, and social media validation suck you into the loop again and again? If you can’t stop laying your hands-on social media more often than not, you’ve been consumed by it.

Well, these 5 steps can help you cut down on the addiction, which is far more serious than it looks.

Ask yourself, Why?

If the answer is mindless scrolling, general boredom, or anything else specific, tackle the ‘why’! Look through and understand what is making you re-visit Social media so frequently. If you are bored at work, don’t have a general will to work, are stressed, or an introvert, there are better and non-toxic ways to handle that.

Identify what makes you check your phone so frequently. Following which is the second step :

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Tackle the ‘Why’

Now that you the cause or at least know where the addiction stems from, let’s get to damage control. The wisest thing would be to delete social media apps on your phone, segregating a work sim from the personal sim, or keeping the phone out of reach in general. The moment you see yourself lounging away, the phone in your hand, immediately try to bring your focus to the present, instead of mindlessly reaching out to the phone every time your mind needs a change of space.

Another great way would be switching important work communications to mail instead of Whatsapp and turning off app notifications.

Find  a Routine

Replace your addiction with a fruitful routine. Something that helps you reach somewhere. Something as small as taking a walk every time you are bored in the office, or reading a page every time you feel overwhelmed can be a great way to tackle turning to social media every now and then.

Another great way to take a break is to increase mindfulness. Do a quick 3-minute breathing exercise, move around, talk to people in person, have a look at nature. Once you retrain your brain to respond to these cues, the itch to get back to your “profile” will stop altogether.

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Accountability is the Key

Any new habit that you pick up will only die and instant death if you don’t practice it. Self-discipline can be easily inculcated if you make up your mind. And trust us it will do you far good than you can ever imagine. Having a friend to help you with accountability can be a great option. Just like going to the gym with someone whose company you like makes you enrolled in the gym for a far longer time, someone to keep you on track with your new habits can help you overcome social media addiction sooner than expected.

These days there are several apps that let you keep up with routines. Well, if you are avoiding the phone altogether, the traditional pen and paper can be the best way to keep up!

Reward Yourself

In the end, it’s all about recognizing the efforts that really keeps us going. Everyone loves a pat on the back. Reward yourself for tiny habits that you pick up and eventually, you will be able to stick to your routine better and will be far content and happier than when you first began.

Make sure you don’t overdo yourself and gradually reach where you have to. Something like shopping for something you’ve had your eye on can be a great reward for when you are able to successfully avoid social media for a sustainable period of time.

Excess social media time will kill your productivity and create endless chains of distraction. This will also affect your mindfulness and will make a dumbo out of you. Not kidding! There’s a tide of people who want to break the addiction, and are finding ways, winning their focus back.

Social Media apps are designed to be addictive to the brain. It’s best if we recognize that, act for it, and be aggressive about getting our freedom back. Cheers!

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