Artists are always those unsung heroes, who make any exhibition or arena come alive. When the potter’s project was planned, it was incepted with an idea to being together unheard talent, where they would be showcasing their love of art, their understanding of the world they live in, and their perception of reality. For the first time in Indore, potters from around India are going to share one roof, where they will not only be showcasing their talent; but they will also help you to learn some of it. Here is the list of artists, who will be a part of the Potter’s Project.

Sultana Khan

the potters project event participant-Sultana khan- indore-indorehdSultana Khan takes inspiration from the world around here and tries to blend it into her creations. Her pottery exudes what she sees and feels and this is what makes it even more amazing.

Sejal Sethi

the potters project event participant-Sejal sethi - indore-indorehd

Sejal Sethi is the owner and creator of Artesanía – The Clay Studio, Mumbai. She will be the part of the two day fest where you will have a chance to see her magnificent work and even buy her creations that you like. She excels in creating utilitarian pottery that enhances the visual appeal through different types of glazes, glaze effects and various decoration techniques.

Kazmi Rahat

the potters project event participant-Rahat kazmi- indore-indorehd

Kazmi Rahat’s poetic name secretes the aroma of her talent – Painting. She is a certified artist from JJ School of arts, Mumbai and does diversified paintings which include abstract art with heavy textures, ballerinas, landscapes, seascapes and basically everything. For anyone who has deep respect for artistic paintings, is sure to have a ball of a time going through her work!

Drijyoti Gupta

the potters project event participant-joyti gupta - indore-indorehd

Drijyoti Gupta blends art with visual appeal like no other. Her works will be exclusively on display at the Potter’s Project and you could also shop anything that you like, made by her.

Garima Mehta

the potters project event participant-Garima mehta - indore-indorehd

Garima Mehta is freelance artist, who has immense understand of art. She has done an advanced diploma in ceramics and holds interests in painting, writing, designing, and accessories. Her work is inspired by nature and reflects the tones of minimalist approach.

Pavan Bavisker

the potters project event participant-Pavan baviskar- indore-indorehd

Pavan Bavisker is a super talented potter whose crafted designs are surely going to take you by surprise! Don’t forget to check and buy his work at The Potter’s Project!

Khushboo Madnani

the potters project event post 03 indore-indorehd

Khushboo Madnani is into pottery from close to ten years now. She takes her designs as a medium of expression what she sees and feels around her. Her work has values and implications that hide deep meaning for anyone who is able to understand them. Feeling of sensitivity, warmth and a hint of aesthetics is what best describes her work.

Ranjita Bora

the potters project event participant-Ranjita Bora- indore-indorehd

Ranjots Bora’s work is simple yet mind blowing. She takes inspirations from kitchens in Mumbai and England and her collection of pottery can be used at your home to serve your food in, your living spaces and almost everywhere.

Supriya Menon Meneghetti

the potters project event participant-Supriya menon meneghetti - indore-indorehd

Supriya Menon Meneghetti is from Auroville and is one of the best ceramic artist of India. She loves to paint and very often these three mediums of painting, ikebana, and ceramics interflow in her works. She has curated the “Deccan teapot show” in Auroville and “Ceramic Connect” – an Indo-Korean ceramic show in Chennai and “CRETA YUGA” – an exhibition of Indian Ceramics for Argilla’16 – a biennale of ceramics at Faenza, Italy. She is truely someone to look forward to in The Potter’s Project!

Apart from the above mentioned artists, there are going to be few more at the potter’s project, whom you could check out in the gallery.

Indore HD highly recommends you to check the work of following artists in the Potter’s Project. Be a part of this two day fest that is going to be amazing, artistic, full of surprise and awe!



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