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Indore Might Become One Of The First 10 Beggar-Free Cities In India!

As a measure to end beggary, the city has been selected by Centre as one of the top 10 big cities to prepare and implement national-level action plan to put a full stop to beggary. The result will be that beggars will not be seen in the city making Indore one of the first 10 […]

coronavirus in MP

What Is The Update Regarding Coronavirus In M.P.? Everything Inside!

Each passing day, the reports and cases of  2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) make it to the headlines. With over 600 deaths reported so far, the virus continues to send the shockwaves around the world with researchers scrambling for a cure. However, whilst other researchers are on a lookout for treating this Virus, Indian scientists are […]

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Read The Latest Piece On ‘The Most Liveable Cities In The Country’ And Where Indore Stands!

A few months back, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) awarded winners of the ‘Swachh Mein Swachh’ campaign. A campaign was conducted to spread awareness amongst private and government organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, offices, townships and market associations. Furthermore, in order to identify and recognise the most liveable cities in the country survey launched by the […]

waste free township Indore- IndoreHD

Indore Rahega No. 1: Indore Gets Its 4th Waste-Free Township!

In order to keep a check and reduce the daily generation of waste in Indore,  Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has implemented a ‘zero waste’ concept at one more residential township. Of the three residential township who have successfully implemented zero-waste concept, Newyork City- located on Rau Bypass Road is set to become the city’s fourth […]

CCTV security services in Indore- IndoreHD

Indore To Be Rigged With CCTVs Through The Length & Breadth Of The City!

Making surveillance the foundation of a Smart, safe and secure Indore, the civic body is contemplating equipping all public areas of the city with closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs). This would be a pan-city surveillance system. It will help police to a great extent in surveillance and investigation because most of the time they have to rely […]

7 star rating- garbage free Indore- IndoreHD

IMC Working Towards 7-Star Garbage Free Rating!

After the first two-quarters of Swachh Survekshan, 2020 on its, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is buckling up for additional 1000 marks under the survey. IMC officials are now eyeing on 7-star garbage-free rating. With leaving no stone unturned to maintain the city’s cleanest image, IMC officials are now eyeing a 7-star garbage-free rating. They have […]

A New Zonal Commissioner System On Cards For Indore!

Whilst speculations were doing rounds on the formation of two municipal corporations in the city, the talks are now about vesting some powers of municipal commissioner to additional commissioner level officials in their respective zones and thereby introduce ‘three-segment zonal commissioner system’ in the city. As per initial plans, three additional commissioner level officials from […]

Waste Water Treatment In Indore To Cut Narmada Dependency By 40%

Trying to make Centre’s Jal Andolan (Jal Shakti Abhiyaan) into a Jan Andolan, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is now focusing on ensuring the treatment of wastewater in residential townships and colonies. Under the central pollution control board (CPCB)’s guidelines, it has been made compulsory for colonies, townships and group housing schemes developed on 2000 hectare […]

high tech monitoring services Indore- IndoreHD

IMC To Get Hi-Tech Monitoring System For Fault Free Civic Services!

Going high-tech, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is working on developing an advanced municipal services monitoring and redressal system. In lieu of the same, the corporation authorities are now contemplating to equip all door-to-door garbage collection vehicles of IMC with high-frequency closed-circuit television (CCTV) to take its service delivery system. There are around 700 vehicles of […]

M.P.: In A First, ‘Helmet Banks’ Rent Out Helmets For Free!

Road safety has taken a new step in Mandsaur in the form of ‘Helmet Banks’. These banks stun in both the simplicity of the thought and its effectiveness.  As a part of this scheme, any individual can rent a helmet for free from one of these banks. The renting period is due for short periods […]

A Case Study On Swachh Indore To Now Be Made, More MP cities To Follow Suit.

First, there was a pile of garbage, second, there was a sense of awareness amongst the citizens to clean it up and now, that mountain of garbage has been turned into a beautiful garden. Indore has and is doing exceptionally well in terms of cleanliness. Setting an example for other cities,  Swachh Indore will act […]

जानिए क्या होने जा रहा है इंदौर में इस हफ़्ते। (13 to 16 February, 2020)

नमस्कार मित्रों, मैं हूँ चारु और आज मैं लेकर आयी हूँ इस सप्ताह इंदौर में होने वाले इवेंट्स। एक मिनट!!! क्या आप सोच रहे हैं अभिषेक कहाँ हैं? दरअसल अभिषेक गोवा घूमने गए हैं। चिंता न करें, रेकमेंडेशनस आपके इवेंट्स गुरु के ही हैं, तो आइये जानते हैं इंदौर में इस सप्ताह क्या होने वाला […]

M.P Govt Banking On Land Pooling To Accommodate Fresh Investments!

At least, 500 to 600 acres of land is being aimed at for development and to the allotment to industries by Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation (MPIDC).  For this, the corporation has received consent for around 1,500 acres of land as part of the land pooling exercise. The consent has been given by the villagers […]

Sustainable Green Building Culture Rapidly Catching Up In Indore.

The concept of sustainable green building is catching up with the pace in the city. Thanks to the Swachh brand which has been acting as a catalyst towards such concepts. A phenomenal change in mindset has been seen from high-end residential buildings to commercial spaces and educational institutes. According to Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), […]

IMC To Now Use Aqua Harvesters To Clean Water Bodies!

Under the river cleaning project, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is now planning to make use of aquatic weed harvesters for the purpose of cleaning rivers and water bodies in and around the city. This plan comes under the banner of IMC’s preparations for the approaching Swacch Survekshan 2020. The use of aqua harvesters by urban […]

E-rickshaw connectivity in Indore

Soon You Can Take E-Rickshaws To Your Doorstep In Indore.

E-rickshaws may soon get permits from Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL). A survey will be taken and on the basis of that,  routes would soon be identified in order to assess viability in areas that are not connected by public transport and permits for specific routes would be given. The move is aimed at […]