Now Madhya Pradesh Cities In Line To Be The Safest

Keeping the stance on making Indore and all other cities of the State to be the safest place to live in, the chief minister, Kamal Nath in a recent gathering in the city, cited that protecting state’s interest is his priority and to ensure the same, he has given the target of making cities across […]

Metro Rail Running On Timeline, Read Latest Updates Inside!

Metro Rail Corporation Limited authorities are aiming to complete the shifting of 132KV overhead power supply lines in the Vijay Nagar area. The overhead high-tension line which passes from Radisson square to Bapat Square is posing hurdles in the construction of elevated viaduct track of the proposed metro rail line. A metro station is also […]

Indore festivals- IndoreHD

Major Festivals In Indore Now Set To Be Promoted Globally!

To promote religious tourism, the district administration has decided to promote all major festivals of Indore at the international level and as a part of the proposal, the administration has decided to carry out documentation of all the famous religious structures and places of the district. As an inclusion, big celebrations like fair, festivities and […]

zero waste models in Indore Temples- IndoreHD

A Zero-Waste Model To Now Be Adopted By Indore’s Famous Temples!

Seems like the concept of Zero- waste model has embedded in the minds of Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) as after successfully implementing the model at Ranjeet Hanuman temple, IMC is now eyeing at implementing the same at Khajrana Ganesh and Annapurna Temple. IMC additional commissioner Rajneesh Kasera in a press con said that they plan […]

beautifying community toilets of Indore- IndoreHD

Indore To Soon Get Colorful Community Toilets!

In order to take a notch towards taking Swachh drive a step further, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has now started beautifying the community and public toilets across the city with art and picture work. As a part of this initiative, along with walls, bridges and other public spaces, toilets, too will be beautified for the […]

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Single-Use Plastic: Read How Indore Municipality Is Paving The Way To A Better Future!

Change begins from home and in case of government’s implemented rules, it starts with government offices. In lieu of taking a step towards eliminating single-use plastic cutlery, the Municipal Corporation of the City has made some changes not only in government offices but in food joints and private functions as well. Instead of plastic, copper […]

Now You Can’t Park “Anywhere” In Indore!

In order to intensify drive against unauthorized or No Parking area, Indore Municipal Corporation is now planning on taking charge of lifting vehicles from areas wherein parking is prohibited. As a part of the plan, the Corporation officials said that firstly the number of towing vehicles would be increased and secondly,  separate teams would be […]

Gandhi Hall Indore- IndoreHD

Gandhi Hall Will Now Get A Makeover Under The Smart City Plan. Read Everything Inside!

Deprived of enough funds to kick start the restoration band conservation work of Gandhi Hall building, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) authorities have decided to put the aforementioned work under the Smart City initiative. The project was earlier managed by IMC management but due to delay, officials decided to take up the project under smart city […]

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Indore Now On A Mission To Tackle Noise Pollution!

It goes without saying that the city has set a benchmark in cleanliness and it is now gearing up to tackle noise pollution with regular and live monitoring of noise levels. Regional Pollution Control Board in collaboration with traffic police have identified 20 noisiest areas in the city that will be monitored regularly to keep […]

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Now Take E-rickshaws To Complete Your Trip After The BRTS Route.

With various initiatives taking place in terms of infrastructure, policies, restoration in Indore, another initiative is to provide last-mile connectivity to the public and in order to do so, the administration will develop an e-rickshaw hub at Vijay Nagar and Bhawarkuan square. The administration is working on starting 100 e-rickshaws on feeder routes of the […]

indore development- IndoreHD

Indore Gears To Get A Better Hold At Traffic With 4 New Roads In The Pipeline!

Looks like the reasons for celebration will be going on for Indorians even after all the festivities are over!  In order to ease out traffic-related issues, Indore will get four new roads in the city. Residents of Indore are always on the lookout for new and exciting developments and that is why we are here […]

Smart Meters Indore- IndoreHD

इंदौर देश का पहला और अकेला ऐसा शहर, जिसमें बिजली के एक लाख Smart Meters हैं!

Indore has made a mark to be one of those cities which takes an initiative whole heartedly and in the process, receives a plethora of awards and in the lieu of the same, Indore is ready to make its mark in the department of electricity as well, making it another feather in Indore’s already brimming […]

Indore women operated cabs- IndoreHD

Women Operated Cabs In Indore Prove The City’s Finesse At Everything!

While equal pay at work, barring entry from a temple on the basis of gender still make it to the Prime Time news in this century, cabs in Indore operated by women drivers, are a progressive step towards equality for it is one such initiative that points in the same direction as the newly launched […]

smart city- green city- IndoreHD

A Smart City Makeover For Indore? Read Why And How!

Right after the festivities and stubble burning, there were cities that were engulfed with polluted air and are still struggling for cleaner air. In order to avoid such a situation in Indore and take necessary precautions prior to hand, Indore is on its way to becoming a whole lot greener than ever before. Owing to […]

anytime health monitoring- swayam- IndoreHD

शहर के AHM Kiosks से कराएं FREE मेडिकल Checkup!

In this ever-changing and fast-paced life, it has become difficult to take care of oneself let alone the loved ones! Keeping it in mind, this revolutionary kiosk will change the way you take care of yourself for someone has rightly said, if health is lost, everything is lost! With the help of a new and […]