जानिए क्या होने जा रहा है इंदौर में इस हफ़्ते। (13 to 16 February, 2020)

नमस्कार मित्रों, मैं हूँ चारु और आज मैं लेकर आयी हूँ इस सप्ताह इंदौर में होने वाले इवेंट्स। एक मिनट!!! क्या आप सोच रहे हैं अभिषेक कहाँ हैं? दरअसल अभिषेक गोवा घूमने गए हैं। चिंता न करें, रेकमेंडेशनस आपके इवेंट्स गुरु के ही हैं, तो आइये जानते हैं इंदौर में इस सप्ताह क्या होने वाला […]


Agnihotra : A community event at Rajwada for environmental purification!

Pran-yayu (प्राण आयु) or oxygen as we know is so vital that an absence for mere minutes can claim a life. As much as we abuse readily available water and food sources, environmental pollution and ruining the green belt is taking us to doom faster that we’d ever imagine!     The deteriorating health of the environment […]


Getting married: How about an Eco-friendly wedding!

Marriage- the traditional bond between two souls and their families is the most special moment of their life. During, such a beautiful celebration we miss on to notice one of our first relation; nature. We invest a lot in those big fat weddings that are just encountered by human guests, what about that friend who […]

JC Ventures Mega Launch – A quick walk through the Indore based Company’s vision & mission!

JC Ventures is a Techno Commercial Organization run by Mr. Jeetendra Choudhary, all set to catalyze the careers of ambitious entrepreneurs. With a vision to boost the capabilities of the youth, this Venture Capital Company has supported successful businesses and fostered brilliant ideas over the decade. Extending their network in various sectors, JC Ventures launched […]

How Farhan Akhtar Rocked Indore on a Saturday Night with #ImperialBlueSuperhitNights!

The Imperial Blue Superhit Nights #MenWillBeMen is a series of one-day live concerts. Its second season is now happening across six cities – Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, Cuttack, Guwahati, and Mangalore, and leading the pack across these cities is India’s rock star – Farhan Akhtar! Indore had a rocking first weekend of 2018, all thanks to […]

Beer Pong Tournament : First of Its Kind in Indore- Keep Your Saturday Free!

Indore! Get ready to have a party of your life. For the first time, this city if going to witness a beer pong tournament, that is different, an event that is refreshing and a tournament that you have probably not heard of. If you are a party animal who just loves to have a gala […]

Malwa Utsav 2017 Is Here & Why You Must Attend It?

Malwa Utsav is the biggest fest in Indore where you are going to witness everything in spectacular awe. Not only in just Indore, it is the biggest event of Madhya Pradesh and this is the reason why it attracts lakhs of visitors in span of 5 days, from major cities of the state. This year, […]


Catch up with these amazing artists at The Potter’s Project

Artists are always those unsung heroes, who make any exhibition or arena come alive. When the potter’s project was planned, it was incepted with an idea to being together unheard talent, where they would be showcasing their love of art, their understanding of the world they live in, and their perception of reality. For the […]

Impact 2017: Why You Must Attend This TEDx Event At IIT Indore

For those of you who don’t know what is TED and what this is all about, it is a non-profit collective that is devoted on spreading ideas, bringing positivity and information covering areas like Technology, Entertainment and Design. What makes them more popular and worth listening to, is their immense knowledge on the subject where […]