Be it any festival in India, it is celebrated with great pomp and show but the aura of the festival- Diwali is different. It is undoubtedly the most awaited festival of the year. Be it a child or grandparents, everybody loves the festival of lights and sweets. The festival marks the victory of good over the evil and hope over despair.

But, it also means showing your love and appreciation towards your loved ones by giving away gifts. We all know, it is a tiresome task and has thus, curated a list of more than 15 such Diwali gift ideas which will help you settle on a perfect Diwali gift!

1. Eco-friendly 3-D Lights

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If you want to try something new this Diwali, give a try to 3D illusion lights. These LED lights come in many different patterns and effects.

From ships to globes to other patterns, you can decorate your house with any theme you want. These lights give 3D patterns and lighting effects, with customized choices.

The 3D illumination is attractive as well as unique. Its colors and patterns will set you apart in front of your friends and guests. You can choose among the many different styles available on Amazon and other websites. Hurry and place your order before the festivities begin.

2. Floating Lanterns

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Hot air balloons, or better known as floating lanterns, can make your Diwali more dreamy and bright. This classic Diwali paraphernalia has made a place for itself for the last few years. These paper lanterns can be lit up and released to float in the sky. Truly, this Diwali decoration will make your festival picture-perfect.

Gifting these floating lanterns to your loved ones will be a delight as this item will be loved by kids and adults alike. If you have dreamed of a beautiful lit-up sky like Rapunzel in the movie Tangled, get a load of these lanterns and make the festival of lights even brighter.

3. Hand-Painted Diyas

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Diyas are synonymous with the festival of Diwali. And what is a better gift than some beautiful diyas for your family or friends? Not just basic clay diyas, nowadays diyas are available in many shapes, colors, and designs. You can go to any nearby shop or handy website and browse through the different options.

Blue, red, orange, pink, yellow, and many different diyas are available in the shops, in different shapes like matkas, flowers, swastikas, etc. This diyas will make your house more beautiful and also prove to be a wonderful gift option for others.

4. Laser Projection Light

Laser projection Lights can prove to be a one-stop solution for all the lighting needs of this festival. It works as a projector that throws the light on the targeted surface, be it a wall or a floor or some other surface. These lights are made in different colors and patterns.

You can make a beautiful wall backdrop for your home or a cool dance floor for your Diwali party. These also come in disco ball and twinkling varieties. These lights are a great gift option for someone wishing to have a perfect Diwali party at their house. The lights are reasonably priced and look beautiful and posh.

5. Air Purifier

The chief concern regarding Diwali is the amount of air pollution it causes. So, a great gift idea for your loved ones would be an air purifier to protect them from the onslaught of smoke and harmful chemicals in the air. These purifiers destroy pollutants and allergens from the air we breathe.

They also circulate the purified air smoothly through the whole room and make it comfortable for the inhabitants. Smart purifiers come with touch control, regulatory fan speed, auto-timer, UV mode, filter replacement indicator, and many other useful features.

6. LED Candles 

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Kiss goodbye to the conventional oil diyas and say hello to these new cool ones. These batteries operated LED candle lights look very identical to their traditional counterparts. But, if you take a closer look they are flameless.

Thus, these are very safe in case you have kids or pets running around the house all the time. Also, these candles emit the real flickering flame effect. So, buy a few of these for yourself and gift some to your close ones and surprise them.

7. Hanging Candle Holder 

Spice up your garden decor with this exquisite hanging lantern candle holder. Its unique appearance will make any garden stand out. The best thing about this expensive-looking pretty little thing is that it is pocket-friendly.

This beautiful lantern is made of iron and thus, will become a part of your decor for a long time. Moreover, this comes with a wooden shelf giving it a more sophisticated look. So, grab this one and light up another world this Diwali.

8. Eco-friendly Candle Holder

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This innovative product is going to save a lot of time and energy for people. You must be wondering how? No more cleaning the mess of wax stains from burnt-out candles, post-Diwali.

With this awesome invention, you can make your candles last till infinity. No kidding, all the melted wax gets collected in the plastic holder below and voila! You have another candle to light. This eco-friendly product is a one-time investment and will save you from the hassle of replacing it with a new one every other day.

9. Aroma Oil Diffusers

Who doesn’t like a good smelling home? And when it’s done through all things natural then it’s cherry on top. This Buddha shaped oil diffuser is made of ceramic and looks like any other Buddha head from afar.

But, the real magic happens behind it where it has a cavity for lighting a tea light and just above it is the oil burner. So, say goodbye to those artificial room fresheners and sprays. Not only it purifies the air, but, can also be used as a regular living room decor item. Thus, spread some positive energy among your dear ones with this Diwali gift.

10. Handmade Chocolate Hamper

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Who doesn’t love chocolates?! Especially, when they are handmade! You can customize an endless variety of chocolate flavors as per your friend’s and family’s tastes. Also, the traditional custom of gifting sweets is quickly disappearing due to adulteration in these food items.

So treat people’s taste buds with delicious chocolates. Moreover, you can get the sugar free, low-fat version too for health-conscious people. After all, no festival is complete without sweets aka ‘Kuch meetha hojaye!’

11. A Lakshmi-Ganesh Idol 

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Looking for a traditional gift? Then don’t look for anything beyond this one. As tradition goes, the festival evening is kick-started by the pooja of goddess of wealth, Lakshmi and the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesh.

The showpiece gives off the classic antique look and comes with a diya burner. The entire showpiece is perched on a beautifully intricate metal stand and can be kept anywhere in the house.

12.  Silver or Gold Coins 

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Precious metals like silver and gold are considered auspicious during the Diwali period. It is believed that on the day of Dhanteras, buying something which is made of metal is regarded to be the harbinger of wealth, prosperity, good luck.

Furthermore, it is assumed to keep negative vibes at bay. Thus, shower some fortune and prosperity on your beloved people by gifting them silver or gold coins of your choice.

13. Dry Fruit Hamper 

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Can’t think of anything to gift?! Then this gifting option is your deal. Dry fruits are great for health and are not that perishable when compared to the typical Indian ‘Mithai.’

This is an ideal gifting option for your fitness freak and diet conscious friends. Also, a popular gifting option when comes to acquaintances. This beautiful dry fruit hamper contains best of cashews, almonds pistachios, raisins, figs, dried apricots, sun-dried kiwis and papaya fruit. All these dry fruits are vacuum packed. Also, nitrogen is flushed to preserve its freshness.

14. Diwali Pooja Thali 

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Gift this silver-plated pooja thali to your close circle and make their festival more divine and pleasant. This elegantly designed plate comes finely packed in a red velvet box.

It comes with other Pooja accessories like a bell, diya burner, incense stick holder, kumkum Katori and a panchamrut set with a spoon. So, go help set the right Diwali spirit by giving this item.

15. Sky Lantern 

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As we all know very well that Diwali is called the festival of lights. So, light up the dark Diwali night sky by suspending a bunch of these in the sky. Also, called the Chinese lantern it is made up of colorful papers.
When lighted it turns into a small hot air balloon with an opening at the bottom and ready to let go in the sky. Also, ditch those harmful crackers which are bad for the environment and ignite a few of this eco-friendly alternative.

16. Gift Cards

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Still can’t decide what to give away this Diwali?! Then, worry not we got you covered. And you can start off by gifting some gift cards to your beloved ones. There are plenty of gift cards in the market right now like Amazon gift card, Myntra gift, etc. You name it they have it. Gift people the freedom to buy themselves anything of their own choice from clothes to cutlery, anything. This is an ideal gifting option where you don’t have a good idea about the likes or dislikes of the person or the person in question is super selective! So, share some love and joy this Diwali by gifting several of these.

This Diwali you can decorate your house with some of our DIY Decoration Ides. Read here to know more

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