Diwali is just a week away and it’s time to get your creative side on! What are your ideas on glamorizing every nook and corner of your beautiful house? Well, if you have some good notes, do share them with us in the comment section or else we have an innovative line-up ready for you, just down here.

We are pretty sure that every Diwali, after the cleaning process we find loads of things that can be used in stunning ways but we fail to use it and for some instances, you may even choose to throw them out. But this Diwali spares a couple of pieces because they are going to become marvelous decorating pieces in no time with these easy tricks.

The time for cleaning up previous dirt and renovating your small little palace is almost passed away, but however, we still have a lot of time to decorate your place and bring out the best of it. Here are some easy and traditional DIY decoration ideas that will add a pinch of glitzy look to your enchanting Diwali:

Paper Cups

Diwali is all about hanging lights that dominate every dark side. And every single small piece can bring that light in beautiful manners just like small cups. If you have some spare paper cups at your place bring them out! Pin in the lights into cups one by one and you will have a brightening set of lights ready for this Diwali, all you need is to switch it on.

If you look forward to adding some sparkles, you can color or pinch patterned holes into the cups so that the way light reflects out mesmerizes everyone’s mind.

paper cup diy


Woolen Chandelier

The tradition of hanging out a spectacular chandelier in the balcony or outside the door has been for ages. Generally, the ones we use are designed paper cuts from the market but this time you can add a fabric twist to it with woolen. Balloon twin lights aren’t a secret anymore, but they are still new for the collection of Diwali. Get a good lump of wool or any other twin that you find suitable and dip it well in the mixture of warm water, cornstarch and glue. Next what you have to do is blow up a balloon and apply some petroleum jelly all over it and stick the twins all around in any way that you wish for. After it’s dried up, pop up the balloon and remove it from inside. Now you’re free to add lights or put a candle or diya inside.

This easy-peasy wall art allows a lot of imagination as you are free to decorate your ball with glitters or cuts and you can even add few different sized balls and create an outstanding piece just like you wanted.

woolen lamps


Homemade Rangoli

There are a few places at our home, where we wish to decorate floors with a magical combination of colors and creativity. But doing it every day is quite a lot of work, that’s why some of us decide to use ready made rangolis instead for some places and put efforts for others. Well, if you plan on doing the same this time, how about a rangoli that is designed by you and even decorated in just the way you want. If the answer to your thought is yes! Here is how you can do it.

Get a wooden cutting of the shape and size that you’re looking for from the market along with beads and pearls that you decide to decorate it with. Stick those tiny wonder creators on its place and ta-da! You have your perfect rangoli ready. This way your own idea will reflect your floor’s beauty in less than an hour.

Wooden Rangoli


A  Fruit-I-Licious Diwali

Fruits are really good for health but who said that they can’t impress your guests. Strong scents of few fruits bring delight to the aroma just like orange, apple, melon or any other that you find interesting. All that is required is to peel of a fruit in the correct way and find a perfect sized candle or diya to fit in.

If you decide to be a lot more creative with your candles you can even cut out some simple patterns from the peel to find the best aroma from nature’s gifts.

fruit diya


Sea- Feel Diwali

Every time somebody pays a visit to the sea-side they tend to collect some beautiful pieces from sand which unfortunately are no longer useful once we return to our home. But Diwali is the best time to see the best out of these teeny-tiny beauties. If you have visited any coastal side this year, just try to find the bunch of sea-shells you or your kids picked up on their own. Fill the good ones with melted wax and dip a waxed thread in it.

When you will lit up these sea-themed candles your Diwali will have a completely new and unique theme.


Mehendi Candles

Are you a big fan of heena’s fragrance, if yes, here is a really cool idea for you? Don’t just save heena for your hands instead get them on candles too. Decorate your plane candles with your artistic skills and a cone of heena.

This trick will fill two purposes at once, i.e., your room will smell great and the candles will have a beautiful traditional look at the same time.



There you go! Use these simple but innovative tricks this Diwali and create memories that are unforgettable. Folks! Enjoy the enlightening festival of the year but be safe and keep your loved ones safe. Happy Diwali!


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