Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali: 10 ways!

Diwali is a festival synonymous with celebration, love, and festivities. Despite the fact that crackers cause a lot of discomfort and distress to elderly people, young children, strays, pets, environment, the very thought of celebrating Diwali without crackers is one that is hard to imagine but the silver lining is that there are several alternative […]


Diwali 2019: Significant Days, Food, And Best Places To Visit!

Diwali is celebrated all across India with great excitement uniting the whole country. In North India, it is celebrated as the homecoming of Lord Rama with Sita and Laxmana after a long exile of 14 years. In East India, it is mainly the night of ancestors and earthen oil lamps. For the natives of West […]


Diwali Food Trends Across India You Should Know About!

One thing that comes to our minds when we think of Diwali food is sweets; a lot of it. Apart from Diwali home decoration, these delicious snacks add colors and flavor to the spirit of the festival. From the tempting gooey barfis to the peppery mathris, each state of India has its own way of […]

Narak Chaturdashi

This Roop Chaudas- Be Your Kind Of Beautiful

How do you feel about waking up before sunrise? Well, maybe other days are super lazy but this one day before Diwali is worth seeing the sunrise for. And if you don’t, be careful! The devil may come for you. Just Kidding! But as a matter of fact, a day before Diwali is associated with […]

rangoli design

5 Trending Rangoli Designs from different traditions of India

Some traditions become amusing with every passing year, just like Rangoli. Rangolis are something every Hindu has been astonished by since childhood. During all the major festivals of Hindu religion, a beautiful set of colors drawn in an incredible pattern can be found on the main entrance. Just like every person in a family shows a different […]

diy diwali decoration ideas


Diwali is just a week away and it’s time to get your creative side on! What are your ideas on glamorizing every nook and corner of your beautiful house? Well, if you have some good notes, do share them with us in the comment section or else we have an innovative line-up ready for you, […]


Diwali ke Behtereen Items jo aapko logo ke yahan milne jane pe majboor karde

हा तो भिया क्या हिसाब? अब क्या 3-4 दिन में दीपावली है और अपन को तो ये त्यौहार इसलिए पसंद है, क्योंकि अपन को खाने को लपक के मिलता है इसमें। साल भर जो चीज़े सूतने को तरसते है, उसका तामझाम ये एक हफ्ते भर मिल जाता है। और तो और, मम्मी जो बनाये वो तो […]


Diwali Pe Indori Mummy Dwara Diye Gaye Behtereen Funde

FUNDA 01  नी धनतेरस पे दिलाये थे नी तेको नए जोड़ी, अब तेरे बड्डे पे लेंगे FUNDA 02 अरे सुबह से क्यों फोड़ रिया है, शाम को फोड़ना रे पग्गल FUNDA 03 नी ये मेमानो के लिए है, तेरे लिए कल अलग से बनाउंगी ढेर सारे FUNDA 04 वो पानी की बॉटल पीछे आँगन से […]