One thing that comes to our minds when we think of Diwali food is sweets; a lot of it. Apart from Diwali home decoration, these delicious snacks add colors and flavor to the spirit of the festival. From the tempting gooey barfis to the peppery mathris, each state of India has its own way of making Diwali flavorsome.

We know Diwali is mainly about eating sweets. The tempting snacks include gooey barfis to the peppery mathris. Shankarpale, Kheer, Jalebis, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa, Kajoo Barfi and Karanji. All these are amongst the most popular dishes.

Gulab Jamun


Made using powdered/condensed milk, clarified butter, and flour, you’ll find this brownish-red sweet in every home and, the Diwali celebration in North India isn’t complete without it. One dumpling will be enough to satisfy your cravings, unless, of course, you have a major sweet tooth.


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Mainly seen in North India, Patisha or Soan Papdi is a flaky sweet garnished with pistachio to add some nuttiness to it. If you love candy floss, you’ll love Patisha too.


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A pastry-like snack, an authentic Maharashtrian sweet dish, Anarsa is prepared especially on Diwali.


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 A sweet-savory snack, Karanjis is a Maharashtrian dessert stuffed with dried fruits, suji, and khoya.



Samosa needs no introduction. Whether it’s a Diwali celebration in India or any other festival, Samosa is always there. This is probably the best-stuffed pastry you’ll ever have in your life. From chicken & mutton to potato peas & paneer, there are many ways to fill it and prepare it.



Mainly prepared in Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand, Malpua is a sweet pancake dipped in sugar syrup.


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A spicy and fluffy Gujarati snack prepared on the occasion of Diwali, Cholafali is prepared using mixed flours and authentic Gujarati spices.


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Diwali celebration in South India, especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu is incomplete without preparing Murukku. It’s a deep-fried, spicy snack made of lentils and rice flour.


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Typically prepared by Tamilian Brahmins of Chettinad, Ukkari is prepared using gram flour and jaggery.

On that note, we urge you to be safe this Diwali.

•           Stay away from synthetic fabrics, only wear cotton clothes.

•           Have a fire extinguisher and keep a first aid kit ready in your home.

•           Don’t burn crackers in closed areas.

•           Don’t let kids burn aerial fireworks like rockets alone.

•           Never ever light a cracker whilst holding it in your hand.

Team IndoreHD wishes you a warm, happy, and safe Diwali!

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