Terrace gardens used to be quite a thing in the old times, where people had this lush green setting at a small space, open to the sky near their drawing room. We are happy to see this trend getting back in the business and to see more people are setting up terrace gardens in their apartments is always a delight. This is also because of the fact that people who live in flats never have any personal land of their own, so the best way to enjoy greenery is to utilize the extra space and make a garden in it. Let’s discuss what are the advantages of having a terrace garden in your apartment.

Improved Air Quality and Freshness

When you have a green area right next to your living room or any specific room, you are sure to get a feeling of freshness. Terrace garden helps to reduce the polluted particles in the air and filter out dust as well. If you have a garden in bigger area, then you could plant bigger shrubs to make it dense. We would also like to mention the fact that terrace garden also keeps the happiness index of family high, as you always have a place to sit in peace right in your home, where you feel close to nature!

healthy and fresh air


Putting Excess Water To Good Use

The water we simply throw away on daily basis can be used to keep one part of your used looking constantly clean. When you have a terrace garden, wastewater from swabbing, RO purifier and house cleaning can be collected and used to water the garden on daily basis. This will not only keep your garden healthy, but it will also help you to conserve water in a unique way!

use of excess stored water


Saving Rainwater

Rainwater is clean and rainwater is free! Terrace garden might be the best way to collect rainwater and the excess can be stored using a pipe from the garden mud. All you have to do is to plant a pipe at the deepest part of the garden and the excess water that is not absorbed by the mud can be channelled to the bore-well of the building.

save rainwater


Energy Efficiency

Terrace garden keeps your house cool in summers and it greatly reduces the air conditioning bills on monthly basis. When you have a garden right outside the window, it filters the air while cooling it, and automatically keeps the temperature of your house on the lower side; something we people desperately need in Indore’s summers!

energy efficient cool breeze



When you have a well maintained terrace garden, it attracts birds and other small animals like squirrel to your apartment, and it makes the environment a little more peaceful around it. As the birds are getting rare these days, having something right in your house that acts as home to these wild creatures is always a good thing!





So, these were some of the advantages of having a terrace garden at your apartment. If we might have missed other important points, feel free to mention them in the comments section.


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