We at Indore HD are always in search to find something unique for the ever interested crowd of the city and this time, we have managed to find ourselves a place that we have heard for the first time. Thanks to our comrades, an IT team, Systango, we bring you a waterfall in Indore that we sure heard for the first time, here, right now! – Chidiya Bhadak. Don’t let the name fool you, it might sound funny to many people but trust us, the beauty of the place will take you by huge surprise, and you will run to the place to explore it further.

High Current Crystal Clear Water


Waterfalls are for having fun, taking a dip, and sitting by the pool of water with your feet submerged. Thanks to the high current, the water at Chidiya Bhadak is crystal clear and the low depth also makes it safe for people, who like to take a dip in it. We were also stunned by the fact that despite this city receiving a scarce rainfall, the fall had loads of water and it is surely going to make you happy.

Less Crowded More Fun


Chidiya Bhadak is not that much explored as of now and you won’t find people swarming the place that you otherwise will find in other falls around the city. Before featuring this article, we had this glitch that whether we should feature it or not, as we don’t want this beautiful place to be ruined by too much commercialization (Like the Paatal Paani) but then we thought, as we always bring best for the city, we should and must feature it!

Some Points To Be Kept In Mind Before Heading For The Place


  • Don’t rely on the Google maps. You have to take Khandwa road and then go straight till the Shani Temple. From there, head straight again and ask any local for the spot. There is a defined left turn for Chidiya Bhadak.

  • After the left turn and going straight for a while, you have to ditch your four wheelers and need to trek to the fall for about 1.5-2 km. Two wheelers can easily reach right at the end.

  • There are no puncher shops or eating joints near the vicinity, so make sure you have ample water and food supplies with you and your tyres properly checked before planning the trip.

  • The signals of the mobile work fine, so you don’t have to worry.

  • We urge you to be careful while bathing in the pond.

  • There are loads of famous Dhabas on Khandwa road where you can satiate your hunger!

Last but not the least, we request you guys to keep the place clean and don’t litter it with beer bottles or cans, cigarette butts, empty chips or biscuits packets, and thermocol glasses. This is probably one of the last clean waterfalls of Indore and please keep it the same as you found it, before leaving the place.

Big Shout to Vaidehi Bhargava for amazing pictures and the Entire Systango team for hunting the place down!


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