Indore has so far given great entrepreneurs, great artists and flourishing businesses to the world. This time the city planned something even greater- healthier- greener- server and a lot more.

Someone has pledged to cycle from Indore to Mumbai- 1500km almost.


Who– Aakash Mishra

A 19 yr old cyclist from Indore and is a founder of the NGO, The Golden Foundation- TGBF

He is a nature lover and an adventure enthusiast and has pledged to cycle all the way from Indore to Mumbai- and no it is not to register a record but for people like you and I.


Why Mumbai

Aakash is going to Mumbai by his cycle to take part in Jagriti Yatra. JY is a program for the young entrepreneur & young people with the aim to make a positive change for society. Aakash got 3rd level sponsorship from the Jagriti Yatra.

Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long, national train journey that will take you 8000 kilometers across the length and breadth of India, to understand and build the India of smaller towns and villages through enterprise.


Aakash is about to do something for the children and the youth around him. His foundation PARAM – Initiating Genius, provides computer education to economically weaker students. Aakash is all geared up to cycle the 1500km long ride to raise fund for his cause.


To Aakash, cycling is more than a hobby; it’s his passion. Aakash considers his responsibility towards the society and nature and believes in contributing his best efforts to its development. Thereafter he stands up proud riding his bicycle across the city. Aakash, himself supports riding bicycle for his routine commuting and can covers around 150km in 3 days.

Aakash wishes the same thrush in the youth towards cycling. It is more compelling in 21st century when manual energy can substitute well for fuel and provide us a greener environment at the same time.


18th December- Indore to Mumbai | 12th January Mumbai to Indore

Yatra Starts on 24th December, 2014 from TISS Mumbai & ends on 8th January 2015 at Mumbai Railway Station.


 How can you help

Aakash Mishra’s message to you

I am to peddle to Mumbai supporting a cause and spread awareness among the youth of India to care for the nature and be the change. But to being this ride I need few equipments and a machine (bike),  here I request you to sponsor my ride & I’ll carry your brand name with me all the time on my apparels. I’ll carry your name to the peddling ride and to the “Jagriti Yatra” as well which is in total to a 30 days ride by cycle & train of 9,500KMs India wide.

Indore HD supports the cause and the humble thought behind protecting the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our best wishes to The Golden Bird Foundation and its students. We hope Indore comes forward supporting the ride for a better nation with Indore Cyclothon.



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