Everyday we decide on not eating out, and then end up telling ourselves ‘I will start dieting tomorrow’! And that’s how the infinite loop of I want to lose fat-I am getting fat-I will eat healthy from today-I will start from tomorrow begins. Some of us even lose inspiration when a gym subscription is involved, or fad diets are involved, or buying groceries everyday is involved. We’d much rather make ourselves a quick bowl of maggi and surf the internet in our pyjamas. Probably because no one told us that healthy eating could also come on a budget, that we don’t need to spend a bomb on getting fit!

While, we recently shared with you how you can exercise at home without spending a penny (you can read it here), today we will be telling how to eat healthy, and stay in shape without spending a bomb. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, and here’s proof. Read on to know 10 simple ways!

Skip The Trendy Foods

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Markets these days are full of organic foods, slimming teas, sugar free goodness, and what not! And what’s more interesting to note is, the foods and healthy options that were a part of Indian cuisine back in the time of our parents, are now making a comeback in the form of expensive products like organic chia seeds, cold pressed xyz, and what not! We’d suggest you look into your kitchen once, and other traditional stores that have been selling food items for the longest time. You will surely find all these “exotic foods” on very basic prices in the traditional bazaars that your mother knows of!
All we mean to say is, Quinoa, Chia seeds, berries, can be easily be replaced with the basics like bananas, apples oranges, onions, carrots, beetroot, spinach, oats, beans and lentils, and can be a great start when you are trying to lose weight. These are not only easily available but are also excellent sources of protein, vitamin c, and iron.

Cut Out On Expensive Supplements

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With the advent of online shopping, ‘n’ number of brands come as ads on our social media pages every day, at all given times. It is so hard to resist when they flash with a 50% off on this, or 70% sale on that. Don’t fall for such advertisements that make you things you don’t need. Or expensive supplements that you can do without. Trust us, your lean protein and whey proteins available in the markets at expensive rates can be replaced with plant proteins like – Eggs, beans, lentils, dals, and even Paneer. A generous portion of these easily available foods can easily make up for your daily protein needs. You can definitely keep eating your everyday vitamins or any supplements advised by the doctor.

Eat Season Fruits

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Fruits and veggies that are seasonally available are best eaten in the season they are readily available in. Even noticed why certain smoothies, an off-season strawberry box, or a box of kiwi, even grapes cost more than when they are readily available? Yes, you guessed it! At any given point, Fruits and vegetables that are available can form enough portions for a balanced intake of fiber, vitamins, and roughage. Go for fruit salads, soups and curries, all these Indian fruits and veggies can make up for whatever your body is lacking.

Shop Smart

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Consider this – The same Dal that you buy at regular stores can cost you twice the cost when bought at exotic stores. If generic, trusted brands are providing you the same farm-produced-farmer-grown foods, please choose the latter. For example, buying cold-pressed coconut oil at INR 400 is not a great idea! Buy from generic /store brands, it will sure require a little research, but will surely help you stay on a budget, and help you save for other essentials that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Alternatively, buy non-perishable food items in bulk/on sale, this way you can make use of discounts and save on some cash as well!

Meal Planning

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Planning your meals can seem difficult at first, but trust us if you want to continue a healthy lifestyle, meal planning is a great way to start! Divide your portions and types of available veggies/fruits according to days and what needs to be cooked when. Pinterest and Google are two great ways to explore meal planning ideas. For example – one serving of fruit each day, with one type of green sabzi, one type of dal, some salad, is enough you keep you full, and will also keep you healthy, making sure you take in the right amount of proteins, healthy carbs, and vitamins, and fiber in your diet.

Go With A Grocery List

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Make a grocery list and stick to it while you shop for groceries. We tend to look around at counters and more often than not, end up buying what we don’t need. This can be totally avoided by planning a day ahead on what is to bought from the market. Keep the above points in mind while making the list, and you can easily stay in a budget, while also keeping yourself healthy.

Pack Your Lunch To Work

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Bringing along your lunch to work is a great way to cut on added calories and expensive meals. Even if you go for healthier choices in your cafeteria, they are going to cost you! The fruit bowl you buy for INR 150, can be easily be replaced with a self-prepared bowl, with much lesser cost, and more variety!

If you follow our tips mentioned above, you can easily maintain your health, without having to spend a large chunk of your salary on fitness or healthy foods. Also, always research well before opting for any fad diets, one should also get their annual body checkups done religiously, considering the changing food patterns, poor diet habits, and a fast pace lifestyle, at times our bodies lack in certain aspects and we hardly notice, until they grow into something big, or even something irreversible!

Stay fit, stay fabulous!

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