Welcome to the New Year 2018! Yeah Yeah, we know that you have partied all night, had every bit of madness ticked and now things are back to square one! Now, we are all going to start our daily routines and chores and this year will eventually look the same like what the days in 2017 were. But, wait a minute! This is a New Year and we gotta have some resolutions, right! Well, well! If you are the one who’s not yet made any, then we have compiled some resolutions that must be in the list of every Indori and must religiously be followed!

We Will Help People! Whether They Have Asked It Or Not!

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अरे मैडम, पैय्ये में चुन्नी आ री है ! भिया, साइड स्टैंड मार लो ऊपर ! मालम है बिल नी आता है, पर लाइट बंद करो नी, आँख पे आ री है! ओ देवकीनंदन ! ले रोक दी गाडी अब पार कर जल्दी ! Well, these are the things we must keep on doing for the well being of Indori population and society. It is our sincere duty that we must yell at top of our lungs with these phrases, so that people continue to have a safe day!

I’m Gonna Diet – Sev and Poha are My Diet! 

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Women! We know that you had all sorta booze and carbs in the last week of 2017 and now is the time to go on a diet to balance everything out in your system. Sit back, relax, and start with a plate of Poha every morning. Make sure that it is drenched in Sev and is clouded with Jeeravan! If anyone says or even suggests you that Sev and Poha is not a “diet”, then you must immediately un-friend them!

I’ll be on Time! Well, Almost!

Indori New year resolution 2018 blog- IndoreHD

अरे आ ही रिया था यार की मम्मी ने चाय बना दी ! और तू तो जानता ही है यार चाय की टोक ! अरे चौराहा पगला गया यार ट्रैफिक से, बस आ रिया हु ! अरे हा ना ! मर क्यों रिया है, आ रिया हु ! These are Indoris typical time barriers. We try to make it on time but as we all know, things stop us from getting there! We might be asleep on our bed but we will answer – भाई अभी तैयार हुआ और गाडी चालु की है बस !

I’ll Use Less Cuss Words!

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अबे गेलचोदे ! ओ गेलपटीए ! पगली पिक्चर ! नी ये तो चनकट खाके ही मानेगा ! We use these words like they are so deeply embedded in our vocabulary that it is almost impossible for us to utter a sentence without slipping these somewhere around in between. We always say to ourselves that you know, we won’t be saying these words often, but end up saying them every day!

So, these were some of the resolutions we Indori take and then end up making more of them that we gladly fail to stick to! If you have any typical Indori Resolutions with you, do share them in the comment section!

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