Meet Indori ‘Raichands’: They Have an Opinion on Everything!

If you have heard people saying this to you in Indore, sitting on a chair, chewing tobacco; then my friend, you have met a ‘Raichand’ yourself. Indori ‘Raichands’ have a certain style; they are not ready to do anything by themselves but they have worthy opinion for you and some ‘out of the box’ suggestions […]


The amazing story of an Indore based Food brand, which has a valuation of 2700 crores!

We at Indore HD believe in making a difference, we believe in bringing such stories to the fore which outshine the others; Not in terms of business, but in terms of creating a difference. One such story is of Amit Kumat’s, the CEO of a Rs 900-crore company Prataap Snacks, which owns Yellow Diamond, a […]


Have you ever thought how a typical Indori would spend his day?

राम भिया। अब सूबे तो सब उठ के आफिस चल देते है या फिर अपने अपने काम पे निकल जाते है, पर कभी आपने सोचा है की एक आम इन्दोरी, जो सर से पाउ तक इंदौर के प्रेम में डूब चुका हो, वो कैसे अपना दिन चल्लू करके ख़तम करता है? नी ना? तो खिदमत […]

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Count With Us These 56 Items of Chappan Dukan that Are Famous In India

The famous food street Chappan dukan of Indore has got food for you that’s from all over India. North Indian, South Indian, chat, Coffees, Fariyali and what not! Chappan Dukan is like a food treasure trunk with assorted dishes hidden in it.

Mirror Work is Back in Indore’s Fashion Trends-IndoreHD

Mirror Work is Back in Indore’s Fashion Trends

mirror work has been an integral part of Indian fashion heritage since many centuries. This very beautiful type of embroidery has roots back to the 17th century. Although this work was brought by Mughals of Iran, it readily spread into all the traditions across the country. For a very long time, this remained as a lost art. Now the mirror work is back.