Well well well. This might be the key for many boys out there, figuring out how to open the lock that takes them directly to the heart of an Indori girl. But before we proceed any further, you have to remember the fact that the biggest thing which would make you win any girl’s heart is Respect and Respect alone. First you have to respect a girl before you could move ahead to win her over. In this article, we are not going to show you how you could end up dating an Indori girl, but we would simply tell you how you could break the ice and approach her with confidence, that would let you have a reply from her for sure.

Be “Jhannat” And Swag Your “Bhinnatness”


When we said be bhinnat, we didn’t mean that you should smell like poha and have a mouthful of Sev every time you approach a girl. Be sure that you have a certain Indori swag that sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t forget to use typical Indori words like Bhiya, Medam, De ni, Kat le, Ni maan riya hai, and the likes, once in a while, to remind her that yes, you are a true blue Indori at heart.

Don’t Always End Up In CCD


We know that most of the girls love the ideal date to end up in CCD but if you are gonna propose a date that might end up in Chappan or Court Waali Gali or simply at Bilawali lake, she is surely going to love it. Make sure that you show her how many eating joints you know that even she might have not even heard of. Girls, as we all know, are born foodies and Indore, as we all know, is a paradise for food lovers and the more you are gonna take her to the “Desi Eating Addas” the more a Indori girl is going to love it.

Be A Bhakt If You Aren’t One


Khajrana, Annapurna, Geeta Bhawan, Bada Ganpati. Do they ring a bell? If no, then you must ask her out for these places if you aren’t sure of the other ones. Every Indori girl is a God believer at heart and you can never go wrong if you are going to ask her out for a visit at these places. And yes, a direct blessing from Lord himself would be a great start, isn’t it!

Addas Of All Addas, The TEE EYE!


The Treasure Island. Do we need to say anything more? Do we even have to mention this thing here? Do you even need a suggestion of this place? This place has maximum number of hits, when it comes to guys taking/ asking their girls out. Merely taking the name of this place might make a Indori girl say yes to go out with you. This place can still surprise you, no matter how many times you have been here. From the moment you enter it, take a stroll and come out, it can easily make you spend close to an hour with your girl, without you knowing it!

Toh Bhiya, these were some of the ways in which you could impress an Indori girl. If you know any more ways, feel free to comment and come forward to help Indori guys out this festive season!


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