10 Amazing Changes that you will see for Smart City Indore in coming years

No matter how much you have mocked the song that is taking rounds in the city 24/7, the effort behind it has really made some huge impact at almost every part of the city. Indore is visibly now more cleaner and apart from just keeping the litter off the road, there are many things running […]

7 Most Interesting Things that will prove that You are in Indore

How would a person know that he is in Indore? What if an outsider comes here and looks out for the signature traits of this City? Well, Indore HD gives you 7 of the most famous and popular signs that will let you know that yes, – YOU ARE IN INDORE!  1. Don’t just cross that […]


5 Old Places in Indore That Still Have Their Charm

Over the past few years, Indore has changed a lot. Be it the main MG road, or the lanes in Palasia, nothing is what it used to be some 15-20 years ago. Though, the old people might still recognise the old aroma these places linger still, but the ones who are coming to Indore after […]

Indori Slangs that are used in daily lives and funny indeed

तो ये है हिसाब भिया, इधर हिंदी तो है, पर जरा अपने इश्टाइल से। जिसको जमता है, वैसा बोलता है यहाँ। तो इन सब चीजो को देखते हुए अपन ने सोचा की जो जो इस्तेमाल हो रिया है रोज़ वास्ते, वो वो शब्दोन को हींच देते है अपने नए आर्टिकल में। बोहोत जगोह है, निकल […]


Have You Been to Punjapura Ghat Near Indore ?

You might have come across a lot of suggestions from people, most of them telling you to visit the same and crowded places in Indore, when you have asked any of them about a place, where you can go to on Saturday or Sunday, away from the hectic crowds and places that are swarmed by […]


25 Things About Indore that will make every Indori Proud

Indore – The commercial capital of Indore is not only popular for Business prospects & Food, but there are lot of Things about Indore that makes EK NUMBER ! Several Records & great things find them happening in this city only. Here we bring you some of the very interesting facts about Indore which will definitely […]

Indore Being Called As The Mini-Mumbai, Why Are We Still Not In The List Of Metros?

I am from Indore. I have been born and brought up here and I’m in love with this city. This city has so much on offer and this city never fails to amaze me. Not because I’m a diehard Indori, but because I’ve been to other cities in my life and the kind of satisfaction […]


Find out why StartUp in Indore is a Great Idea ?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, the aspects you seek are an Idea, Finance and Place where to put the foundation stone. The place is one of the major aspects of your planning as if it is not appropriate you will face lots of hindrance at the later stage, and somebody has rightly said, “Well begun is half done”.