Indore – The commercial capital of Indore is not only popular for Business prospects & Food, but there are lot of Things about Indore that makes EK NUMBER ! Several Records & great things find them happening in this city only. Here we bring you some of the very interesting facts about Indore which will definitely make you think that this city ia a treat to the state, country & world. #jaijaiindore 

1. Sunil Gavaskar ODI Record in Indore

Great Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar made his one and only ODI Century of his Cricket Career in Nehru Stadium, Indore.


source : gettyimages

2. MHOW – Military Headquarters of War, Indore

MHOW which is located near to Indore is amongst the major Military Headquarters of India and controls an important aspect of the training & control of Indian Army.


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3. City Name derived from Holy Indreshwar Temple

The Name of Indore is derived from the historic Indreshwar Temple which were made in the Holkar Times. The holy derivation of this city is also believed to be associated with good luck & fortune.


4. IIT & IIM Indore

Indore is known to be the education hub of central India & the only city which has both renowned IIT & IIM in the entire country.


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5. Asia’s Biggest Colony in Indore

Sudama Nagar is believed to be the biggest colony of the Asian Continent. Its is said that you can not locate any house until & unless you know the exact address of the house.


source : locanto

6. Radio Mirchi Started From Indore

India’s First Private Radio Broadcasting Channel – Radio Mirchi has started from Indore City. Radio Mirchi made his debut in Indore & then expanded throughout the country further.


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7. Birthplace of Many Indian Celebrities & Icons 

From Singing Legend Lata Mangeshkar , Bollywood Superstar – Salman Khan ,The Great Indian Cricket Wall – Rahul Dravid  to Yog Gurus –  Shri Manish Sharma & Lalit Thorat shares the common birth city – Indore. 

You can also find about many other celebrities that Indore Gave to World –  Celebrities & Famous People From Indore


8. Detroit of Madhya Pradesh

In the olden times , Indore was also referred as the ” DETROIT OF M.P. ” indicating the rapid development & commercialization of this city.


9. Holy Jyotirlings in the radius of 100Kms, Indore

The only city in India which has two greatest holy jyotirling of India in the range of 100 Kms – Ujjain & Omkareshwar.


10. RRCAT Indore

Indore is also the home for one of the India’s most important Research Centers – RRCAT ( Raja Raman Center of Atomic Technology). In CAT, major research projects on accelerators, cryogenics & other secretive researches are going on.


11. Narendra Hirwani World Record in Test Cricket

In Test Match Cricket, the record for taking highest wickets in a match is shared by Indori cricketer Narendra Hirwani along with Bob Messy( Australia).


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12. Sumitra Mahajan – The Lok Sabha Speaker from Indore

Sumitra Mahajan has become the first woman parliamentarian in the country to win eight elections in a row from same constituency.


13. City of Cloth Mills

In the olden Years of Development , Indore was coined to be ” City of Cotton Mills” which itself shows the richness of the city in the cotton production. In the present times the very famous Hukumchand Mills, Rajkumar Mill & Bhandari Mills both have been shut down.


14. Known to be the Food Capital of India 

With the Hangout spots like Chappan & Sarafa which offers you the entire Indian Recipes to your eating plate; Indore is not less than a Disneyland of Food for the foodies. Most of the people also call Indore as the food capital of India.


15. Asia’s Biggest Ganesh Idol in Indore

The Bada ganpati temple in Indore has the biggest Ganpati Idol of the Asia. It is one of the major Holy Attraction of the City.


source : wikimedia

16. Kaanch Mandir , Indore

The very famous Kaanch Mandir of Indore is totally covered up with mirrors. The roof, Walls & Flooring of this beautiful temple was made from imported mirrors.


source : wikimedia

17. Virender Sehwag Double Hundred (ODI)

In the Holkar Cricket Stadium of Indore, Virender Sehwag completed his 200 Runs against West Indies ODI and added a world record to his name.


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18. Election Win with record victory margin

Sumitra Mahajan also holds the record of winning the election by a highest margin of 4.66 lakh votes. This margin victory is the highest for her wining it eight times in a row in the Indian Political History.


source :

19. Heart Surgery Charity Singing by Palak Mucchal

One of the popular female singers – Baby Palak (popularly known in her childhood) has sung many songs in shows to raise money for the many heart surgeries & she is also doing it now when entered Bollywood as playback singer – Palak Mucchal 


source :

20. Moonwalker Police Cop of India- Ranjeet Singh (Indori Singham)

He is one of the most popular traffic police cop of India which has made his own mark with his uniques style & dance moves during his duty. Ranjeet Singh ( Indori Singham ) is loved by every one in the city & nation too.


source :

21. Central India’s Biggest Dawa Bazaar , Indore

The Dawa Bazaar of Indore is beleieved to be the biggest wholesale medicine market of Central India


22. Pitra Parvat Plantation Ritual, Indore

In Indore, there is a special place nearby known as Pitra Parvat which is famous for tree plantation dedicated to the Pitra (Ancestor Gods) of an Individual.


23. Best Training School for Deaf  & Dumb in Indore

This is the only city in India where the best school & training camp for Deaf & Dumb is running successfully helping the differently abled in the best way.


24. Legacy of Sir Seth HukumChand (Cotton King), Indore

Seth Hukam Chand became a leading business magnate of the country doing speculative and ready trade in commodities on a large scale. He was known as ‘Cotton Prince of India’ and had much credit even in some overseas countries. One can still find his photo in the London Cotton Exchange.


source : reckonindia

25. Golden Rath at Mahavir Jayanti

Seth Hukumchand Ji had made a Golden Rath for Lord Mahaveer which is only exhibited once in an year on the occasion of Mahveer Jayanti.


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