Here’s to a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

It is indeed the season to rejoice and make merry! 2017 was a roller-coaster for us. We met some extraordinary people, shared their wonderful stories, and now it is time to give back the love. While on our quest to bring you the most HD ideas in Indore, we stumbled upon these bakers who are striving to bring you the best in terms of quality, delivery and are quite literally baking your dreams!

This year-end will be a time of family gatherings, happy get-togethers, and meeting old friends. Make sure, you don’t go any place empty handed! The following is the list of best 5 handpicked bakers and bakeries, who are constantly working to bring you the best sugar treats to satisfy your sweet tooth!



This home baker is the queen of killer flavor combinations. The Oreo Cookie Truffle is one such; also in store are her incredible treats in cookies, biscuits, and truffles. She only started baking in 2015, but her bakes are a testament to her incredible talent and sense of taste.

This baker specializes in eggless biscuits and gluten-free cookies. You can pick assorted cookie boxes from here to get a hang of the taste or order full-size boxes of your favorite combination!

Everything on her menu is home-made, with the best quality ingredients. She takes customised orders PAN India and also serves in bulk for corporate and wedding orders.

Look for – cookies, chocolates, truffles, tea-time cakes, gluten-free cookies.
Order from – 74705 14118.


If the iconic Black Ice-cream is what you’ve associated Icekraft with, let us tell you warm sugar treats ideal for Sunday brunches, and order worthy winter savories are also housed by this pretty place!

The skilled chefs here are going to woo you with their technique, and taste. From customizing your waffles to the base you’d like, these full-size waffles are smeared with rich chocolate ganache! The place is heaven if you have a sweet tooth!

They also have a unique combination of brownie & fries. If Red Velvet Cakes is not your thing, wait till you try these brownie fries; Served as cubes, these have a stuffing of brownie crumbs, and a crunchy outer layer of red velvet, with a light garnish of choco chips.

Look for – Waffles, brownie fries, pancakes
Order from – Shop no. 5, scheme 78, Opposite Prestige College, Vijaynagar, Vijaynagar.



This Holiday Season, if you are looking for egg-less desserts, try this young baker’s 3D jelly cakes, themed cupcakes and jello! You can get yourself a fresh cake within two hours, such is the system maintained at this young baker’s home based setup.

If you are looking to host a party, order a dessert table for up to 200 guests, order from this Bakery! You can also enroll yourselves in her baking workshops and learn the craft.

Look for – Regular cakes, cake pops, mousse, and rainbow candies!
Order from – 7974411324.



Her love for baking has made way through the years in the form of a bakery that purely runs on love! If good cupcakes are what you crave for, no other place makes them better! Same goes for her handmade Swiss rolls which have the softest bread, and creamiest cream!

The specials menu has designer, GLUTEN-FREE cakes here! These are 100% fat-free (no butter, no oil), are made of Semolina (Rava) and topped with Pistachio.

Look for – Designer cakes, Whole wheat muffins, gluten free cakes, cupcakes, dry fruit bars
Order from – 13 Swapnalok Colony, 11/2 South Tukoganj, Behind Hotel Surya, Indore | 93015 32235


This list will be incomplete if we didn’t mention fondant icing. Yes, the same icing that some find dry, and only something to be looked at. Wait till you see fondant cakes done right, with intricate designs and impeccable taste!

With technology taking life for a spin, this baker not only makes artsy cakes, but also uses technology to give them life! She runs her studio from home, and supplies to themed parties, weddings, birthdays, and tea parties.

If premium cakes is what your heart craves, make a pick from this baker’s exclusive cakes, or get them custom made! The cake decorations are nothing short of art. Get these freshly baked beauties from 88188 12222!

Look for – Premium, customised cakes.

Order from –

To good endings, and positive new beginnings. Cheers!


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