Pick any place in Indore that is known for its eatables like Chappan Dukaan, Sarafa, Court Waali Gali, Anand Bazaar any famous place and the first thing you are going to notice there is the amount of garbage these places are adorned with. Despite having proper garbage cans on these areas, people prefer to throw away their bowls, plastic, or thermocol cups in which they had coffee, plastic spoons of Poha, tissue papers and what not on the road.

Team Indore HD wants you to follow a simple solution to all this – Collect your Garbage.

So what does that mean – Collect your garbage? People in Indore will be like –

“Bhiya, apan koi kaam karne waale thode ni hai to kachra uthaaenge.”

But if you are going to pick your own leftovers, it’s not that bad. In fact, it is much more shameful to leave garbage behind you when you walk like a king on the road, thinking that it was really cool when you flipped that cigarette butt or when you threw that corn after eating it. Collect your garbage is a simple idea, where you collect all of that you threw on the road and around you and simply put it at a bin near you.


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It is also a good idea to carry a plastic bag in your car. Yes we know that plastic bag is harmful to the environment and all, but as paper bags are not in that much circulation as per now, you have to do with them plastic bags. People who are in a habit of throwing cold drink cans, chocolate wrappers, tissue of rolls, plastic cups of coconut crushes off their cars, they need to collect all that in a plastic bag and then throw it off in a bin after you reach home or you can simply throw it away in a nearest dustbin that you see.

See, it’s not much of a rocket science to keep your city clean. Indore is really an amazing place to live and this is the main reason, this city is attracting people from other states and areas to settle down. Let’s set an example for anyone who visits this city and let’s surprise them by showing a much cleaner Indore.


Keeping your city clean is not the only work of PWD or Municipal Corporation. Each one of us can at least contribute towards keeping the area clean where we live or keeping the area clean where we visit to eat.

If you have any more ideas to keep the garbage off the streets, Indore HD would be more than happy to feature it on our page.

Do comment your ideas and thoughts on this!


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