Mirror Work is back in Indore’s fashion trends

Also known as Abhala work, mirror work has been an integral part of Indian fashion heritage since many centuries. This very beautiful type of embroidery has roots back to the 17th century. Although this work was brought by Mughals of Iran, it readily spread into all the traditions across the country. For a very long time, this remained as a lost art. Now the mirror work is back.

This is the original form of the mirror work that originally appeared on various artworks.



Today, these designs are used for decorating different festive elements. People adopting traditional wall decors are using similar pattern. The pattern is also used in attires worn on Navaratri.



Over the years, fashion has reincarnated this design into something absolutely astonishing. The new design is used in heavy traditional and fashionable dresses. These attires are mostly preferred on occasions such as wedding ceremonies and cultural functions.



Mirror work has also hit the charts of latest trends. In everyday wear, mirror work has shown itself in beautiful combinations. Regardless of the type of dress, mirror work adds up the ornamented charm and glamour to it.




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