Count With Us these 56 Items of Chappan Dukan That Are Famous In India 

Chappan Dukan of Indore – The Disney Land of every food lover. The famous food street Chappan dukan of Indore has got food for you that’s from all over India. North Indian, South Indian, chat, Coffees, Fariyali and what not! Chappan Dukan is like a food treasure trunk with assorted dishes hidden in it. From thelas of pani puris to a bowl of Noodles you get every bit of taste along the lane of Chappan. So many food delicacies, not just from various parts of India, but also some dishes from the cuisines around the Globe, like Chinese and Italian, presented to you at one food hub, Chappan. Here is a list of 56 food items that are in store for you at Chappan!

1. Khopra Pattis:

The Pattis is a special dish from Indore and is available at Chappan. It contains well chopped khopra (Coconut) which gives it a slightly sweet taste.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

2. Paani Puri:

A spicy chatpata chat served in baked puris with pudina and kothmir water, Pani puris at Chappanis surely going to make your day spicy. Try this dish at Chappan!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

3. Dahi Puri:

For the peeps who cannot tolerate too much spice, dahi puris are baked puris dunked in Yogurt and served with a pinch of Jeeravan.

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4. Johny Hotdog:

A jhannat tikia of mashed potatoes wrapped in a bun and spiced up with chutney is going to make your day! Try this special hotdog, only at Chappan!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

5. Johny’s Benjo:

This amazing benjo hotdog is your treat to paradise, Fried up omlett sandwiched with fresh tomato ketchup will melt in your mouth. Enjoy this feeling at Chappan!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

6. Egg Roll:

If you are an eggitarian, we are sure you must have tried this delicious egg roll!

egg roll, chappan, eggitarians, egg lovers food, non veg food - indorehd

7. Chicken Roll:

Yet another dream meal come true for chicken lovers. Crunchy as it sounds and spicy as you like it every time you have it.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

8. Mutton Burger

A Full fledged treat at Chappan for mutton lovers!  A spicy mutton filling wrapped in Pav will win your heart!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

9. Pav Bhaji:

Bringing this dish for you from the streets of Mumbai, and presenting it to you with an Indori touch at Chappan. It is a spicy blend of fresh vegetables cooked in tangy tomato gravy and served with Pav cooked butter.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

10. Gond ke Laddu:

A traditional winter delicacy, as the ingredient “Gond” is a source of heat and is good for the body in the cold. Gond ke laddus are enjoyed best in the mornings for breakfast, accompanied with a warm glass of milk.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

11. Garadu:

Hot and crispy Garadus are typical Indori style street food dish, when served with Indori special Jeeravan, is a perfect combination to fight the chilling winter season. Try this dish that Indoris die for, at Chapan!

garadus, winters in indore, winter speciality in indore - indorehd

12. Momos:

56 Dukan (Chappan) brings you a mouth tempting snack with sautéed vegetables, mixed up with an apt touch of garlic, chilli, ginger and schezwan sauce, the slightly crunchy momos are what you need to satisfy your hunger.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

13.  Samosa:

We like to call it the perfect Indori love triangle filled with lots of love and spicy potato stuffing. Try the Samosas with the delicious Green chutney, at the 56 Shops of Indore.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

14. Kachori:

These deep fried Kachoris, filled with the flavours of moong daal are in the love list of every Indori. A bite of fresh and hot Kachoris at Chappan, mixed up with cold curd is a tasty combination! 

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

15. Poha:

This is the snack which doesn’t need any introduction. The love of every Indori and a perfect filling breakfast which charges you up. Just having a simple Poha breakfast at Chappan dukan with friends and family, is a sign that you are going to have a preety good day ahead.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

16. Manchurian:

Brought to you from the Chinese kitchen to the street of Chappan, Manchurians are deep fried vegetable balls, fried in mouth watering soya sauce base is going to jazz up your day.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

17. Noodles:

From kids to youngsters, no one ever gets bored of this Chinese specialty. Noodles, whether boiled or spiced up with Indian spices at your favorite hangout destination Chappan, is a joy to the tummy!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

18. Pasta Arrabiata (Red Sauce):

An Italian speciality, boiled pasta cooked up in rich tomato based sauce with assortments of ingredients like peppercorns, garlic and well chopped onions is finger biting good.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

19. Pasta Alfredo (White Sauce):

Another variety from the Italian kitchen, serving you boiled pasta with a burst of lot and lots of melted cheese, topped with jalapenos, olives and chilli flakes takes you to a cheesy world.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

20. Cold Coffee :

After a long and joyful ride with friends and family, a coffee at Koffee King at Chappan can make your day more amazing!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

21. Anjeer Dryfruit Katli:

An enticing sweet dish containing anjeer and other dryfruits, nuts and figs available at the sweets shops at Chappan.

anjeer dry fruit katli, sweets in indore - indorehd

22. Hot Coffee:

Can’t handle the winters well? Just rush to Chappan, treat yourself with hot coffee and leave the rest on it!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

23.  Chai:

Tea break at office? Drive to Chappan and sooth yourself with a hot comforting cup of Tea!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

24. Sandwich:

Freshly cut vegetables paired up with Cheese, mayonnaise and tangy chat masala packed up between slices of bread, is the combination that is going to pep up your mood! A wide range of sandwich options is available at various shops at Chappan.

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25. Chole Tikia:

The Chole tikia of Chappan is a heart capturing street chat cherished by Indoris. Fried potato tikkis when dunked in hot Chole, it adds spice to your meal.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Susrecipe

26. Pan:

Any night out with friends or dinner with family is incomplete until someone says “ Bhiya, chalo Pan khane Chappan chalte hain!”

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

27. Gur Patti or Chikki:

Another traditional sweet dish prepared using a blend of jaggery and peanuts available at 56 Dukan. This dish is very famous amongst children.Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

28. Gulab Jamun:

A very famous heavy dessert, which has balls of Mawa, fried in Ghee and drenched in sugar syrup, and is enough to give you a Sweetgasm.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

29. Imarti:

A super popular dessert of Chappan made by deep frying Urad flour and immersed in sugar syrup that tempts you to have more and more.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

30. Khaman:

Khaman is a dish born in Gujrat and brought up in Indore. It is a spongy, savory and a little spicy cake made of gram flour. The soft and fluffy texture makes your heart bounce with joy.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

31. Maggi:

This maggi will may take more than 2 minutes to be prepared, but mark my words, it will be worth the while! At Chappan you will find so many options of Maggi you may choose from.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

32. Makkhan Vada

An Indian sweet that resembles Balushahi, made from maida, ghee and curd and comes under the category of heavy desserts. This sweet at Chappan is surely going to satisfy the sweet cravings you have.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

33. Mawakatli:

It is a perfect sweet for festivals and celebrations. We are sure that if you try Mawa Katlis of Chappan, you cannot just have one! 

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

34. Peda:

Peda, a sweet dish made from Khoya or Mava available at Chappan is a dish you just can’t keep your hands off!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

35. Kaju Roll:

Kaju Rolls, a sweet dish made of Cashews rolled up for you with more surprises. This delicacy at Chappan is definitely worth a try!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

36. Bombay Bhel:

Brought to you from the streets of Aamchi Mumbai and presented to you with the Indori special spices.

Bhel at Chappan, Chappan Indore, Chat in Indore,-IndoreHD

37. Besan Ki Chakki

A lip smacking sweet dish made with besan and filled with rich dry fruits.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image source: Youtube

38. Kaju Kalash:

Who wants cherries on top of a cake, when you can have a dessert filled with the goodness of Cashews and topped up with Pistachios on the top! 

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

39. Veg Kothe:

Another lip-smacking Indo-Chinese appetizer which is made in a tarty spicy gravy. Drag your friends to Chappan and try Veg Kothe ASAP!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

40. Mawa Roll:

Another sweet dish made from Mawa. As soon as you try Mawa Rolls, your hand will automatically reach for another piece of it!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

41. Jalebi:

Indore’s favourite Jalebi, is a delicious sweet made of the coil of batter and dunked in mouth watering sugar syrup.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

42. Usal Poha:

Indore’s speciality “Poha”, when combined with spicy gravy and topped with onions and Sev, how are you going to stop your heart from loving it?

Chappan to chappan bhog-IndoreHD

Image source: Ribbonstopastas

43. Instant Poha:

Too lazy to cook? Or don’t know how to cook Poha? Missing Pohe made by your mother? No worries. All you have to do is buy a packet of Instant Poha mix and enjoy delicious Pohe at your home.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Indiamart

44. Mhow ki Kulfi:

It is a traditional condensed full fat milk cardamom Indian ice cream. An ice cream your parents will never stop you from having. Now available in various flavours like Kesar Pista.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

45. Ice Cream: 

I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream! So many ice cream flavors available at the Ice cream shops at Chappan you cant settle for just one scoop!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

46. Biryani:

If you are thinking to have Biryani, a dish made with highly seasoned rice cooked with freshly tempered vegetables, rush to Chappan and sign up for a sure treat!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Flickr

47. Shikanji:

This is the Indori milk shake and completely different from the Shikanji (made of lime) served in other cities of India which is made up of lime. The Shikanji available at Chappan is a creamy delight with lots of dry fruits!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

48. Sabuana Vada:

A crispy fariyali treat, made up of Sabudana, an ingredient used to make various dishes that are cherished during fastings and vrats.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image source: Youtube

49. Rasmalai:

Another Chappan specialty and a Bengali sweet made of little spongy cottage cheese balls aka “Rasgullas”, soaked in thick creamy milk.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image source: Mintleaves

50. Cheese Pattis:

A full on treat for cheese lovers all over India! A crispy pattis filled with a surprise of cheese!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Recipehub

51. Mysore Masala Dosa:

An exotic version of Dosa from Southern India is the Mysore masala dosa, prepared with spicy masala on rice batter. Try the crispy Dosa at the famous food street of Indore, Chappan.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Youtube

52. Sabudana Khichdi

Have a fast? Don’t worry, Chappan takes care of your Vrats too. Come to this food street and enjoy this Fariyali dish – Sabudana Khichdi.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Youtube

53. Idli Sambhar

Soft and delicious Idlis when dipped in tangy Sambhar, that is what you call “Ek Number” in Indore!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Awesomecuisine

54. Medu Vada Sambhar

A bite of hot and crispy Medu Vadas dipped in Coconut chutney will change your mood from bad to the best!

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image Source: Indiatimes

55. Khandvi: 

Khandvi, popular Gujrati snack with a soft and smooth texture that melts in your mouth and is also light as feathers, on your stomach. 

Chappan ke chappan bhog-IndoreHD

Image source: Funandfoodcafe

56. Dabeli:

A snack from the streets of Gujrat with the perfect blend of sweet and spicy potatoes, even more spiced up with masala peanuts and tangy chutneys, served with love to you at Chappan.

Chappan ke Chappan Bhog - IndoreHD

Image source: Youtube

So, if you want a great food experience in Indore, do visit Chappan and taste the love that the city cooks for you!

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