How well do you think you know our beloved city, Indore? Obviously you must be aware of all those things that are famous about Indore. But what about those facts and beliefs that were forgotten over time. Presenting some wonderful facts and beliefs related to Indore that you probably never heard before.

1. The great Indori circus mystery

There is a common belief among the people of Indore, especially the traders, regarding the popular circus. It is said that if a circus comes to the city, that year is marked with insufficient rainfall.

2. Indore’s cricket connection

Indore is the only city in this world to have a World Cup Square. A huge statue of the world cup has been placed at the square. Also, Indore has a huge concrete Cricket Bat statue with names of the players of the Indian team which won the 1971 series against West Indies.

3.Largest Ganesha Idol

Indore’s famous Bada Ganpati, is in fact the world’s largest Ganesha Idol. The astounding height of the idol from crown to feet is, 8 meters.

4. The Lal Bagh Palace

This very beautiful palace in Indore has an remarkable entrance. Actually, gates of the Lal Bagh palace are exact replicas of Buckingham Palace, England. They were manufactured in England and then shipped to Indore.


5. The CAT 

The center for advance technology, commonly known as CAT, is the main source of research on Laser Technology in the country.


6. Asia’a largest colony

Sudama Nagar, happens to be Asia’s largest colony. Previously, it used to carry a title of illegal with it, but now it has been legalized.


7. Indori Soyabean

Everyday, the rates of the Soyabean in all of the country are decided in Indore. Ruchi Soya, the place where these rates are decided, also happens to be India’s largest manufacturer of edible oil.


8. Indori Poha

Indore happens to be the largest consumer of Poha in the world. Indori Poha, eaten as breakfast in Indore, is extremely popular in the country.


9. Indori Mills

The mills of Indore (Hukumchand, Bhandari and Rajkumar) used to fulfill a substantial amount of textile requirement of New York for a very long time.


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