In Indore, a “Neta” is not necessarily someone with political connections. A Neta can be anyone who has some considerable amount of “fek-faak” amongst the influential clan. There are several peculiarities of such a person, often easily recognizable by his behavior. Let’s take you to all such places and experiences, where you can point out the “Indori Neta” with these laughter inducing traits-

The Area factor

These people can be seen bragging about how everybody knows and bows them in a particular area. Whenever they get in a situation, they try to shift everything to their area.

“Tu kbhi pardesipura aa beta, fir batata hu tujhe main kaun hu”


Tendency to take things in hand

They don’t care about who is involved in a conflicting situation. As long as there is one, they will get involved themselves.

“Apne adde pe kaun panga kar riya hai be! Bulao to jara dekhe kya matter hai?”


That thing with the brand.

From their vehicles to all their personal belongings, everything will contain their Netagiri brand name.

“Saale kuch bolne k pehle dekha nahi kya, gaadi k peeche kya likha hai!”


The thing with too many questions.

Whenever they speak to someone, they punctuate every sentence with numerous questions. And yes, they will repeat their questions to the extent you will want to hit their faces.

“Kyu? Samjhe? Kya samjhe bhiya? Are samjhe ki ni? Palle pada? Sampat baitha?”


When facing the traffic cops.

If a Neta is cornered by the traffic cops, he will put his everything in making sure that he doesn’t have to pay challan.

“Ye lo baat kar lo! Mere chacha iss ilaake ke parshad hai!”


Time of religious festivals.

They become hyper active with the festive season. They take part in all the religious festivals and processions, and their faces grin out of posters all over the city.

“Bunty bhai mitra mandal aapka hardik swagat karta hai”


At Paan shops and 56 dukaan.

They are often found here with their gang of friends, boasting and laughing loudly. Mostly they would celebrate and talk how about they taught a lesson to someone. They would look around as if the area belongs to them.

“Arre fir uss din apan ne diye khech khech k usme. Rote hue gaya ghar ssaaalaa. ”


Netagiri At 56 dukaan - IndoreHD



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