How many of us even know about the total number of libraries that we have in our city? How many of us are regular readers and go to these libraries just to get the whiff of the old pages? How many of us even have the slightest idea that where we could find a hard copy of a particular book when the Internet is dominating the majority of the readers? Well, Indore HD brings you one such library of Indore that is not only old but has one of the best atmosphere to sit and read in the city – “Government Ahilya Central Library”

The library was founded around 1908 during British Rule in India. It is now being maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Indore and has some really ancient collection of books. If you are someone who is looking for hard copies of rare land and revenue records of the Holkar era, then this is the place to be. Along with some of the old text, you will also find more than 40 magazines in the library that are regularly subscribed so that you get to read the latest issues. There are also more than 17 of the daily newspapers in the Library, so you won’t miss any of the local, as well as the national news.

This library is also quite spacious and has enough space for many readers to sit together at the same time. There is a Reading Hall, facilities for News Paper Reading in Verandah, Counter rooms, Study rooms, three-stack rooms, Children Museum, Office of Regional Librarian, Store Room, Toilets, and other amenities that make it perfect for anyone who wants to read here. You could also bring your own books here to read, as it offers you the perfect atmosphere to sit in silence and enjoy reading at its fullest.

As there are not many readers in Indore who really like the feel of the books in their hands when they read them, team Indore HD urge readers in Indore to gather up together and come up with ways, so that we could at least promote reading and have a get together of people once a week. Government Ahilya Central Library will act as a perfect place for a meetup, as it has ample of space and people who want to discuss new Authors or any Novel they have recently read, they could share it with other like-minded people.

Government Ahilya Central Library is located at Regal Square, Safed Kothi, M.G. Road and is open from 10.30 in the morning and closes at 6.30 pm in the evening. The library remains closed on Mondays.

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