We live in an age where makeup is talked about so much; There are endless Youtube bloggers giving you advice on what to do, what not to do, there’s so much talk about “apply it this way/ apply it that way”, we won’t be surprised if a day comes when some Youtuber will be talking about ‘How to brush your teeth’!


Well, in today’s time where beauty websites are doing exceedingly well, selling products like hot cakes, here we are reminding you of basic beauty hacks that have worked for women time and again, and are here to stay!  These hacks and tips can quite easily be accommodated in a busy girl’s lifestyle and don’t worry, if irrespective of your age, these hacks can quite do the trick for you.

Green Tea

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Don’t cringe at the thought of green tea, because some people have been able to incorporate it in their everyday routine and are quite happy with the results. As much as green tea helps you detoxicate, it is excellent for skin care. Keep some green tea backs in the freezer, put them on your eyes while taking a nap after a tiring day. This not only eliminates redness and swelling, but also helps getting rid of dark circles.

HD Tip – While making green tea, boil water and just add a pinch of green tea leaves, let it infuse its goodness in water. Add a dollop of honey to finish off!

‘White’ for the eyes

While we are constantly running, making time after work to get a quick lunch with friends, tired eyes can bring your appearance down. You can make tired eyes less visible with the help of a white shadow or a white eye pencil, by using it in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow.  This will instantly lift up your face and make your eyes look wider.

HD Tip – Use a good quality white eye pencil that stays put.

The magic of Vaseline

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Known for its effectiveness on dry, chapped lips since forever, Vaseline has become a staple in several makeup routines as well. From being used to give you that shiny nose, to taming your eyebrows, a small jar of Vaseline can save you thousands of bucks you spend on highlighters.

HD Tip – Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline on your eyebrows and use a brow brush to brush them over. This gives your eyebrows a great definition, and also enhances the overall appearance of your face. You can even remove your makeup using Vaseline.

‘Cold’ not ‘Hot’

No matter how much we love hot showers, there’s no denying that hot water leaves your skin drier. Obviously we are not telling you to start taking cold showers in winters, but you can definitely try using lukewarm water instead of it being blazing hot. Wash your face and hair with cold water, since hot water opens up pores which easily fill up with bacteria. Cold water on the other hand closes your pores.

HD Tip – If you love washing your hair with lukewarm water (never use hot water on your hair), finish washing your hair with cold water.

Revive a dried mascara

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In case of a makeup emergency, revive a dried mascara by adding five drops of contact lens fluid or even eye drops, and shaking the bottle. Heat up the mascara flask bottle for 30 seconds to make sure the ingredients are united.

HD Tip – In case you don’t have an oven, use double boiler method (Boil water in a pan and place the mascara tube in a plate over the pan) to slightly heat it up.

Easy heatless waves at home

If you want to add a different look to your hair but want to stay away from heat – while your hair is still damp, divide them into two sections, braid them separately and leave until dried. Open completely dried hair to beautiful waves. Alternately, if you don’t want straight hair and don’t have the time to go to a salon, make some braids, and then run your hair straightener over them. This is a quick and effective way to have wavy hair.

HD Tip – Always use a good quality heat spray or hair serum before using any heat styling tools on your hair.

Scrub away chapped lips

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Chapped lips are so off-putting, especially when you are a lipstick person. Now that most of us prefer matte lipsticks over their glossier counterparts, dry lips can be a common phenomenon. Make yourself a lip scrub using sugar, a little lemon juice, and some coconut oil. You should also scrub your lips every once in a while to make your lipstick stand longer on your lips.

HD Tip – Never use a used toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. You are only going to infest bacteria on your skin, and the bristles can be rough for your skin.

DIY nail polish remover

If at all you are out of Nail polish remover, make one at home with lemon juice and vinegar. This way you can be sure of using a natural product and can also make your nails squeaky clean.

HD Tip – Always look at the ingredient list before buying removers. Several low priced alternatives contain acetone which is really harmful. There are several varieties of acetone free nail polish removers readily available in the market.

Baby powder and mascara


Mascaras can be a controversial topic for us ladies. While all of us hate the clumping, the tall claims of the advertisers that talk about great volume and eyelash length never see light of the day unless you go for ridiculously expensive brands. Well, baby powder might do the trick for you! Apply one coat of mascara, and dip the cotton swab in baby powder and go over the lashes, then apply a second coat. You will be thrilled with the result.

HD Tip – You can use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara, for an enhanced look.

And lastly, make your perfumes and body mists last longer by applying them right after a shower.

We are hoping this was relevant and informative to you. If you can think of more such hacks, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section below!

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