A new bakery in Indore, or a new café on the block is nothing “new” these days. Indore is home to endless cafes, bakeries, and dine-in places. Today we are talking about a food connoisseur and someone who has been in the bakery business for two decades, introducing his own dine-in café with handpicked dishes, the smoothest pastries, finger licking snacks and quality savories. Let’s take you through the world of Krozzon, one that is sophisticated, niche, and offers an immersive dining experience taking food in Indore to a grand new level.

A two decade journey, spread across 100 plus cities, over a million satisfied customers, a niche in the food industry, and now a grand scale patisserie. Introducing the brainchild of Master’s Bakery – KROZZON!

The Ambiance at Krozzon

Luxuriously Comfortable Seating at Krozzon

Posh décor, patterned flooring, delicate hue lighting, and noteworthy accents bring out a classic charm that not a lot of places offer. A very warm setup here is ideal for hanging out with friends, coming for a date night, or for a quick brunch with family.  The quirky table menus, artifacts on the tables are just an add-on to the overall aesthetics of the place.

Private Deck Area – Krozzon

Krozzon offers both indoor and outdoor seating – A lively garden for nature lovers, a cozy interior setup and a private wooden deck on the first floor for hire. They also have a banquet for big dinners, corporate parties, Kitty parties, and birthday celebrations. The food display while you walk through is extremely appetizing and camera friendly.

Big Dessert Feast Arrangements for Special Occasions – Krozzon

The Menu at Krozzon

Coming to the menu, the highlight is their all eggless dishes, which is an excellent for those who prefer all-vegetarian cafes. Whoever said eggless desserts taste awful, should stop by at Krozzon and we can assure you will come out thinking otherwise. A liberal mix of French and English cuisines, the food is not only authentic but also equally appetizing. Don’t expect anything to be bland for your Indian taste buds, the food here is all about fresh veggies, healthy breads, and finely balanced sugariness when it comes to desserts and shakes.

Cream Cheese Garlic Bagel

This café-in-bakery offers the widest variety of bread (multigrain, Vienna, French Baguette, Ciabatta, Sour Bread, White loaf, Whole wheat loaf, Multigrain loaf, etc.), Berliner, Doughnuts, pancakes, cookies, croissants, pretzels, chocolates and pralines. Along with a wide assortment of other finger-foods such as burgers, sandwiches, granola bars, cakes, pizzas, and muffins.

Krozzon Chef’s Special Waffle

Moreover, the fine confectioneries at Krozzon are personalized and customized as per your choice. Your customization can be as small as a piece of chocolate, to a towering wedding cake they make it all. With a vast variety of loaves of bread, crunchy cookies, mouth-watering donuts, smooth chocolates, silky cakes in their retail store, one is too spoilt for choice for sure!

Mini Cupcakes

In addition to these, they have premium gifting options of candies, chocolates, jams packed in beautifully customized hampers. Isn’t it the best of both worlds?

Customized Gift Boxes & Hampers – Krozzon

Services at Krozzon

The experienced chefs only select the best quality ingredients to offer you the best in terms of taste and quality food. The well-spoken staff will make sure to offer the kind of hospitality you deserve, Hop on to Krozzon, A real birthplace of everything yummy to keep up with the most delicious pastries, pizzas, coffees, pancakes, shakes, waffles, confectionery and more.


The HD Take

We strive to bring the best, the most High Definition Indore, and we always want our readers, our followers to have the best in terms of quality and quantity. We will never recommend something that doesn’t resonate with our idea of High Definition.

Premium Range Quality Cakes – Krozzon

Krozzon is definitely one place which has its principles in stone! Be it their amazing food quality, the freshest ingredients, or their screening process when it comes to chefs and services, it’s all high-end and worth every penny you spend here.


We highly recommend this place, it is ideal for a lunch/brunch/dinner/date/corporate meetings or just some quality family time. You definitely need to be here to experience this grand patisserie!

Address – 345-346, PU4, Scheme No. 54, Behind Country Inn Hotel, Vijay Nagar Indore.

Stay tuned to everything new at Krozzon, find them on Facebook and

Watch experienced chefs in action at Krozzon


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