Each festival brings in a different vibe and with it different customs and celebration. One such festival of food and a festival of colours is Navratri.

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Navratri is celebrated in the name of Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations. People worship Goddess Durga by seeking prayers and making several offerings , fasting either for all the nine days or the initial two days or the last two days, play garba – the traditional dance form seen through these nine days and meet and greet each other.

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So, when it comes to fasting, it becomes equally important to keep yourself hydrated and turn to satvik delights which detox your mind and body and rejuvenates you.

These nine dishes/foods you must try during this Navratri. Why? Let’s check it out.

1.)Sabudana/Tapioca pearls

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The dishes making entry to this list are sabudana vada, sabudana kheer, sabudana khichdi, and also sabudana papad . It’s rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium, iron and vitamin K and filled with healthy carbs and fibre.

2.)Aloo kadhi

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This is a mouth watering recipe that you can try during Navratri. You can make its curry using potatoes, chillies and singhare ka atta. A simple and easy recipe which takes very less time to prepare.


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Rajgira Puri is not only healthy and tasty but also a filling dish . An addition of flavour, you can add parsley or ajwain to the dough of the pooris.


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Protein rich,Paneer is a staple food during Navratri, which opens your space of creativity to play with navratri recipes which includes paneer ki tikki, boiled paneer or simply stirred and consumed.


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An age old ingredient making navratri special, its added to kheer, or Sabzi or simply roasted and rubbed with some rock salt and pepper.


navratri special arbi
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Arbi or ‘Colocasia’ – A nice change from the usual leafy vegetables that we make for lunch! It a good to go combination with your puris and rotis and is made with mild spices.

7.)Shakarkand or sweet potato

navratri special  sweet potato
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Boiled and peeled sweet potatoes and topped with rock salt, lemon and chaat masala, a healthy chaat to savour on.

8.)Kuttu or buckwheat

navratri special kuttu
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Kuttu flour is used to make vrat puris and vegetables. Since it contains good amount of fibre, a decent serving of kuttu can help you feel full for a long time and keep hunger at bay.

9.)Fruit juices

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Drinking juice is the best way to stay hydrated during a fast and get the necessary nutrients.

What includes in a ‘No-No’ thing!
✓Avoid lethargic onion and garlic foods!

✓Certainly a break from non-veg.

✓Avoid a bit of packaged munchies and welcome the freshly cooked meals.

✓Don’t say no to meditation and introspection.

✓Take a break from daily schedules and celebrate navratri with the utmost positivity.

navratri special garba
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Celebrate this navratri by shedding off the toxicity of your body as well as of your mind, try out new recipes, give yourself a gift of satvik touch and offer prayers to Goddess to help us all get through this pandemic.

Team IndoreHD wishes everyone, A very Happy and flavourful Navratri!


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