It’s been a few days since the new year, and while some of us would call resolutions passé, some do believe in resolutions religiously, and that they are an attempt to improve the quality of our lives, one day at a time. SO! Coming back to resolutions, we are sure all of us have something or the other in our heads that we want to achieve this year. Well! Want to know the secret of sticking to resolutions better? Read on!

Get Excited

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Know what you want, and don’t make lousy habits just because all your friends are doing it. Do a self-analysis of practical habits that you’d like to incorporate.

Break the Habit in Parts

It’s impossible for anyone to pick something new suddenly, dowse all their energy, and still be chasing that goal in the next few months. Why most people lose will on their resolutions? It’s because they bombard themselves will more than they can do. Take baby steps towards your new year habits, to avoid exhaustion.

Write it Down

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Explore your goal thoroughly. For example, if you want to begin exercising in 2020, take a piece of paper and write down exactly why you want to do it. Just because your neighbor looks fit? Or because you genuinely want to amp up your health in 2020? If the latter is the answer, you have a genuine goal in mind.

Remember – ‘Change is Gradual’

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The “New year New me” wears you out faster than you’d imagine and makes you look bad in your own opinion. Try incorporating things slowly. Like, if you are aiming at a better diet, don’t eliminate everything all at once. Focus on changing one meal a day, or incorporating one new item in your diet.

Plan Rewards for yourself

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Buy an item off your wishlist, pamper yourself with a hair spa, get your nails done, reward yourself on a weekly or monthly basis for sticking to your new habit. This way you will feel accomplished and will stick to your habit better!

Replace the Rebel Attitude

After a certain time, you might get into the habit of avoiding your new goal, your mind and body might tell you to forget it and try next year. Be prepared for such an event, and remember why you started in the first place.

Surround yourself with Inspiration

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Get on the positivity wagon and subscribe to channels and posts which are positive. Unfollow those who find excuses and make them sound relatable. If you take an example, you will benefit by more posts that talk about gym inspiration, people going to the gym, working out, than from posts that talk about ‘I am lazy and I like it’. Alternately, goals like reading should be aided by things like books lists, people talking about their favorite books, and joining book clubs. We hope you get the drill.

Hold yourself Accountable

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Update your progress on Social Media if that keeps you going, or ask a friend to help you. You can also make a sheet where you tick off days so that you keep your progress in check!

Think of a Penalty

A day here and there is fine, but try to not skip two days in a row. Address how you feel guilty the day you miss your new habit. On the second or the third day however, you will start being okay with the idea. If you miss more than a day, think of a penalty that you can incorporate so it becomes difficult for you to miss on your new habit.

Begin with good intentions and be sure about what you want. Instead of wanting to do something because someone else has, it is just you attracted to the idea of something. You might or might not be able to stick to your goal in that case. Make habits that you really want to pursue and simplify them as much as you can. Start somewhere and then stick to the process. They say you can clock a new habit in your system by doing it constantly for 4 weeks.

Good luck!

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