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Why Opening a Restaurant In Indore Is a Great Idea ?

This city might not be the capital of Madhya Pradesh but it surely is the food capital of India. No, we are not exaggerating ! If you have ever been to any of the popular places in Indore that serves some of the most astonishing food items, then you can very well relate to the emotions we are overflowing with, as we write through. Anything that has the word ‘food’ associated with it is bound to do really good in Indore. If you will still ask us why, then we have several ways to answer your curiosity.

Food City


Yes. That’s the start and the end of it. There is no other city in India that has such a level of food crazed people, as you would find here in Indore. The locals are so fond of food that they can eat anything, anytime. You just have to make sure that you have something interestingly tasty on offer and you would have a hard time coping up with the demand.

Different Culture – Different Food


Indore is home to various cultures and this is what blesses it with various food options as well. In the last few years, Indore has also attracted quite a lot of investment from other states and this has made people flock to the city from nearby states as well. This has made Indore a food hub that offers amazing variety of food from different cultures.

Taste Buds Enthusiasts


A local here won’t ever shy away from tasting a new verity of food. No matter how filled up their stomach is, they will always have that little space to try out new brand or food and if you are someone who has something new and tasty on offer, you will soon have a huge crowd flapping around your nest.

Student Crowd


Indore overtook Kota in terms of students scoring the highest ranks in various competitive exams. Thanks to this news that happened some two years ago, Indore has become a student hub now with more and more students coming to the city each month. Need we even mention it here the kind of opportunity you could explore in food department!

City Is Small


Indore falls in the perfect dimension that doesn’t make it too cumbersome when it comes to travelling from one place to another, nor does it make the city too small to be jam packed all the time. This gives anyone, who is planning to open a restaurant or an eating joint in Indore, an immense opportunity to get the brand heard at the main places around the city because the people in Indore will travel to any length to get to the place that serves good food.

Bhiya Isme Lapak Fayda Hai


Ye to likhna hi tha na bhiya! Ab jab ek Indori apni waali pe aa jaaye, to wo  itna pelta hai ki tum paroste paroste thak jao. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a small eatery joint idea or you are planning t open a big restaurant in Indore; if you are gonna serve Indori people good quality food at right price with awesome taste, you are going to be more popular than Kim Kardashian  in the city in no time!

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