They say it’s always a good idea to start local before you head for something big. As we all are experiencing by now, mornings and nights in Indore have become chilly and most of us are battling it by getting comfortably cozy in our expensive winter clothing from our wardrobes or sleep in warm blankets. No, we are not here to brag our winter collection that we have in our closets, but we are here to make an appeal to each one of the Indori, to play a role of Santa.

Every year, thousands of unprivileged children and adults spend their nights shivering in cold because they don’t have any warm clothes with them. We, on the other hand, have many unused warm clothes lying somewhere in the house and closet that we are not even aware of and have completely forgotten about them.

Indore HD is here to remind you about those woolen clothes that you have forgotten and we urge you to make an effort, take them out, collect, and donate them to people and children who are in dire need of them. Here are some of the places in Indore where you can go and make the donation.

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The village got a huge recognition, thanks to the splurging square but it never made any difference to the lives of people living there. If you are going to take a detour and reach the small village, you will find many children and families, who are spending their winters in a chill.  Make sure that you have separated your clothes in your home as per ‘Adults’ and ‘Children’ to ensure the right distribution.


It is quite known yet quite deserted place in Indore where the management is having hard time sourcing funds for the children who live there. Even if you don’t have winter clothes, we would urge you to visit the place with cakes and pastries and play Santa for all the children out there who would start dancing even by the thought of it!


They are located at Sanjeevani Seva Sangam, Indore – 452008, Behind Satya Sai Vidya Vihar, Scheme No 54. You could also reach them at – 0731-2553823 and 99776-89894. The best part of contacting them is the fact that they can direct you to lot many other places where your excess winter baggage can be of lot fruitful use.


They are located at G-2 Neha Apartment, 3 LAL Bagh Road and can be reached on – 0731-2018707 and 9424512122. You can directly drop your winter clothing that you want to donate at their place or you could ask them about the locations where you could personally go and distribute.


The colony behind pink city might be the place you would really love to donate your clothes to. It is full of many children who don’t have the winter clothing for the season and it would be a great idea to donate stuff there.


The road that leads to the back of velocity theatre is full of underprivileged children and it might be a very good idea to visit the place for once. Even if you don’t have any winter clothes, you could still bring smiles to the little faces, by taking pasties and chocolates on the Christmas day for the distribution. It would indeed be an awesome idea!


Goonj is a national non-governmental organization which provides humanitarian aid throughout the country. They are associated with community development and run many active campaigns for cloth donation. The dropping centre in Indore is located at Anju Pharmaceuticals, 28, Industrial Estate, Rau.

Contact Person: Meetesh Jha (09827030406)



So, these were some of the Indore HD picks for winter clothes distribution. If you have more such locations and places around Indore that could use some help, then do mention them in the comment section!


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