The last time we featured Pulpypapaya on our page, we never thought it would create such a stir amongst the art starved people in Indore. The response was immense and in tune with that, we bring you a detailed peek into the store, giving you the dope on what’s on offer, what can you buy and much more!

Hand Painted T-shirts


Well, you might have heard and bought many tees that have some or the other prints on them, but this store has something else and artistic on offer – Hand printed Tees. The art work on each tee is inspired from a native folk or tribal art form. The tees available at Pulpypapaya boast of authentic designs developed at their Studio. Every print and design is so exclusive that you won’t find a similar option anywhere else in the city.



Slings, bags, and handbags are pretty common these days, right? So, if you have an option to get your hands on something that is Hand Block printed, is definitely going to make you stand out from the crowd. Pulpypapaya brings to you handcrafted eco-friendly bags that are fabricated with best quality leather, khadi, jute, canvas, and love! Designed to offer maximum utility with maximum style, they offer you the best combination of style and utility while attracting eyeballs at the same time!

Handmade Diaries and Wood Journals


Looking forward to gifting your loved ones something that they would cherish for a long time to come? Pulpypapaya has an array of handmade diaries and hand painted wood journals that can be gifted on various occasions. The outer material is painstakingly crafted from genuine leather and high quality pine wood that gives them a distinctive look, matched by no other similar option.

Mason Jars


Bored of similar looking jars and bottles that you end up buying every summer? Well, Pulpypapaya is going to make you quench your thirst in artistic style this season by offering you hand painted Mason jars. The jars are so tempting to look at; they are surely going to make you satiate your soul as well.

Unstitched fabric


Don’t like the readymade stuff’s styling but love the cloth that is on offer? Well, we at Pulpypapaya have got you covered. With amazing combinations and options on unstitched fabrics, you can make them turn into the choice of your style. The fabrics are 100% cotton and are perfect to be worn in Indore’s summers!

Perfume Diffusers


Glass bottles and perfume dispensers are thing of past. We at Pulpypapaya have a habit to turn everything into an art and the same goes for perfume diffusers. They are made from pure wood and are reusable so you would never have to part ways with that amazing, artistic looking bottle, ever!

Male/Female Kolhapuris and Mojaris


Kolhapuris are all about sense of personal style that defines your attitude every time you wear one. Pulpypapaya has some of the best handmade Kolhapuris on offer in Indore that are made from genuine and premium quality leather. So, if you are planning a traditional outfit or a looking for a mojari that perfectly adorns the traditional dress that you have planned for mehandi or wedding season, our special Rajasthani Mojari collection is just the right choice!

Women Apparel


Every store is going to be incomplete if it doesn’t have something special to offer for women, right? Well, the female fraternity of Indore has a new reason to rejoice as Pulpyapapya’s variety of Tie Dye T-Shirts, Hand Block Printed Tops, Shirts, Ikkat Tops, Skirts, Palazzo Pants, and Tank Tops are all you need to don the perfect summer look this time! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab some of the best designs in the town!

Serving Trays


For a store that has so much on offer, we do make sure that we have covered even the smallest of things that could make an artistic difference in your house. With our Handcrafted and hand painted these trays, you could surely make a statement when you will serve something to your guests this season!

Bamboo Products


We at Pulpyapapya don’t believe in creating something what everyone else is doing. To keep the traditional charm alive, we being you an extensive collection of myriad bamboo products in many varieties. You can choose from an extensive collection of myriad bamboo products in many varieties made purely out of bamboo wood.

Kettles and Pen Holders


Remember the good ol’ days when you used to get tea in awesome looking kettles? Well Pulpyapapya will help you live those golden days by offering you kettles that are hand painted! What’s more, we also have exclusive pen holders, inspired from the various rich native art forms on offer that are going to make your office exude class and style.

The range on the store is limited and it’s classy! The stocks are running out fast and as they are exclusive, they are limited in numbers. So, if you are looking forward to shop some really artistic outfits or want to adorn your home with artifacts that grab eyeballs, this is the right time to splurge!

The store is open for everyone looking for great deals on artistic collection and what’s more! – We are giving you a COUPON CODE – Ilovepulpypapaya. Using the code, you could avail a straight 25% OFF on your purchase! Don’t miss the offer! Run to the store now!

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