Every character adds a new layer to life and beneath every layer, there’s a lot to explore.  If you understand the beauty of learning various layers, this artist from Indore has a perspective that will leave you thinking to the very core of creativity in yourself. Only if art had one shape and one word it would be infinity! The medium and way to communicate your creative perspective with rest of the minds can be anything, literally anything. Mr. Rahul Solanki chose the medium of paper collage art to describe his perception of the world around. He mentions that collage art helps him to show every added layer with transparency that he has used in his art.  Mr. Rahul Solanki has now been working with this form of art for around 16 years and he expresses that with exploring for every new piece or collection he finds a very new message and learning for himself.

Does the journey of an artist with such an exceptional perspective sound impressive to you?  If yes, then he has got a lot to convey to you through this blog, keep reading!

What took you towards the Artistic world?

Rahul witnessed the beautiful path of art at a very young age itself. His father worked with embroidery and so the magical creation of artistic beauty fascinated him from the very beginning. Though, when he was on the way to choose the right career for himself, fine arts wasn’t an appreciated choice but fortunately with support from family and his inner instincts he chose fine arts as the subject for graduation.

As a student of fine arts he was first introduced to oil pastels and learnt the best of directions to use them but then life took his creative hands towards this medium and since then he has only worked with this mode. He found that even when working in the college he was fonder of using tools to cut, carve and paste than any other. On a trip to Delhi, he noticed a kite and his instincts challenged him to carve art out of that paper. Mr. Solanki accepted the challenge and worked on it, soon he found a result that shaped him as a paper collage artist. He respects every art form but believes that the type of transparency he was trying to find in the art could easily be found in this form.

Though this isn’t a regular art form or at least not a very popular one in India, it definitely is one of the most enthralling ones.

How would you define your medium ‘Paper Collage Art’?

It’s not a very common form of art and maybe that’s why understanding the depth of this form creates a little trouble for many admirers. When we asked Mr. Solanki to edify us about this art, his answers intrigued us to know more. According to this present day aspiring artist, the main focus in creating an art piece with this form is on three things:


As the name itself defines that the paper used in this art is its main and super most important component. The quality of paper matters the most. Though he stepped in this form with kite paper but the quality of kite paper isn’t long lasting and so, exploring new tools for his art was more of a necessity than a choice. As he believes that the person who buys his art piece deserves only the best and so he tries to fulfill it. During all this time he has experimented and worked with various paper forms like tissues, Hahnemuhle, Arches, Lokta, and others. Cutting pieces out of paper and cultivating art out of it is neither ordinary nor an easy task but it surely creates a spellbinding piece.

 He even mentioned that one of his art pieces include the tissue paper that you can easily find at the Starbucks cafe. As an interview, this talk was about knowing the journey of a wipeout tissue to a valuable and exclusive art piece.


The different textures of numerous materials bring out the diversity that can be used to create art. With a proficient touch and a skillful mind, these different textures find their right place in an art piece. Every art created by Mr. Rahul has a unique similarity, that is transparency and different textures and colors of paper help him to bring it out. Rahul agrees that the right placement and distinct properties of the material used makes the beauty that entices mind.

Some of his works don’t have any added colors on them, except for the ones that were used on the paper material. But you won’t know the difference until the creator decides to narrate the story himself.

A portrait of the Story

Every color ever poured depicts a part of the story that the artist wills to share. When asked Rahul about the story behind his art stories, he revealed an interesting secret. He considers that every time he sits with a scissor and material on his studio table, he ends up with a creation very different from what he had in mind. “Sometimes I take up just two colors and then run around again and again for new colors, and on the other hand sometimes I have the whole palette in my hand but end up creating something with just 2 or 3 colors”, he believes that no matter what story he thinks of before starting, the canvas tells him the way to go on the path only. He truly accepts that every creation has a message that he really wanted to give from the bottom of his heart and art brought it on the canvas subconsciously. We guess that’s how magical art is!

A token of your wisdom that you would like to pass for the budding artists.

“The first strongest emotion I ever worked on was based on my childhood. When I was young we had a small curve like space in our walls, like old houses of India usually do have called ‘Ale’. My house had one which stored my old stuff from the past. Whenever I looked into it for an old memory, I always brought back an unexpected one together. We all do forget some of the precious moments of our lives but once we search our hearts deep enough, something is surely going to bring a huge smile!” With such an emotional inspiration Rahul created his famous series ‘alcove’.

A small message that he would like to share for the budding artist is “First of all no matter how impossible it seems if your guts tell you to do it, do it! And secondly modern art is developing a lot and a new genre has hiked up in recent times called ‘installation art’. I would like to request that even when you work with such a new art form, have a message behind it because somewhere if you work with something that doesn’t make sense to you, it will never amaze others. If people won’t understand and feel your story they may lose faith in art, and that won’t be good for the community. Portrait what makes your brush swing, but keep it sensible!”    

As said earlier, art does not have a particular form but any and every creative piece designed with a thoughtful expression surely adds meaning to art. This insightful talk with the paper collage artist Mr. Solanki added a new layer to the definition. He also happened to mention that India is a very rich country and the traditional methods of art inspire modern ways to do better. Just remember! Whatever your medium to communicate is, make it worth.

You can get a chance to witness some extraordinary artworks of Mr. Rahul Solanki at Spotlight by Canarys on 26th Aril 2019 – 31st April 2019, Show opens at 7:00 PM


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