Wandering around Rajwada, the Royal palace of Indore you may realize that the one of the things that has developed in Indore is the market of Rajwada. Like in a mall, there are various floors for respective categories; Rajwada dedicates entire streets to the different classes for that matter. We bring you 10 things which make Rajwada equivalent to any Shopping Mall.

1. The Huge Fashion Mart Of Rajwada:

The clothes available at Rajwada have a different Indori style. Every piece of cloth has got that Indori touch in it, for which any Indori would fall. It is not just that market goes hand in hand with the latest trends in the fashion world, you will also find exclusive fashion that you can experiment with.

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2. Sarafa Ratri Bazaar – The Food Street of Rajwada

It is almost a necessity for any mall to have a huge food corner in it. Rajwada took care of it too and dedicated not just a corner, but an entire street to satisfy the hunger of the Indorians. Sarafa Ratri bazaar, Vijay chaat house and other so many chaat corners, along with small shops of sweet dishes, make it the best and Indore’s favourite place to feed their taste buds.

10 Things that make Rajwada a Desi Mall - IndoreHD

10 Things that make Rajwada a Desi Mall - IndoreHD

3. Bada Sarafa – A Jewel Souk:

Rajwada also accommodates a souk for Gold and Silver jewellery for the people who believe in purity. The Bada Sarafa and Chota Sarafa are gigantic markets for buying and also reselling of these precious commodities. Apart from small reliable local shops, you will also find the well established hallmarked gold showrooms.

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4. Aada Bazar – Market for accessories:

Once you enter Aada Bazaar, it is like you have stepped into a huge accessory shop of any mall, just better and cheaper. Endless varieties available for every occasion. Be it for a party, for a bride to be, for a marriage, and even for the festival of Navratri!!

10 Things that make Rajwada a Desi Mall - IndoreHD

5. Sitlamata Bazar – The tradional wear market:

We indoris appreciate traditions, especially traditional wear! A vast elegant collection of sarees, dress materials, lehenga chunnis, and bridal wear are available at Sitlamata Bazaar. The shops have colourful combinations and stunning designs.

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6. Bajaj Khana Chauk – The Boutique Street:

If you want to modify your old or boring plain sarees or salwar suits, add latkans and beautiful borders on your outfit, Bajaj Khana Chauk is like a paradise for you. It is a one stop destination to convert your regular outfits to unique outfits.

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7. Children’s play area and an area to chill:

If you are not in a mood to buy something or too tired of exploring the Rajwada market, a small garden is situated right in front of the Rajwada palace, where you can sit, relax and appreciate the beauty of the magnificent palace. The statue of Ahilyabai Holkar stands tall and proud, inside the garden.

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8. Khajuri Bazar – The book nest

Khajuri Bazaar is like a huge open library for the book lovers of Indore. Novels, Encyclopedias, and various books of every genre are available. Not just these books, it is a one stop market for buying of school books at discounted rates and provision is also there for reselling old books.

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9. Decorations on occasions:

Just like any other mall, the magnificent palace is lit up with ravishing lights, especially on Independence day, Republic day and Diwali. The sight of the decorated palace delights your mind, heart and soul.

10 Things that make Rajwada a Desi Mall - IndoreHD

10. The Vegetable and fruits thelas:

The Sabzi Mandis are like the Big Bazaar of Rajwada that gets you fresh vegetables and juicy fruits. And guess what! Unlike malls, you even get to bargain!

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If  you are looking at Rajwada as just being an architectural heritage from the holkar dynasty , we have given you enough reason to rethink and scale up the position of this monument & the area around  as a desi shopping mall !


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