Back in time when our grandparents used to store water in copper vessels, did it ever click to you how no one really needed a water purifier? And even though water borne diseases were not less in number, most of us don’t remember ever falling ill because of ‘ghar ka paani’. Isn’t it?

Well, even in 2019 the nutritionists and doctors are recommending age old copper vessels, and opting for traditional ways over fancy purifiers. Sure, they are easy to use and have an instant solution to our clean water needs, giving a chance to copper vessels has endless benefits. Read on to find out more!

Why Copper?

Copper is said to be a micro-nutrient and helps our bodies to maintain its nutrition and mineral requirements. While copper vessels are great for water storage one can also eat in vessels made out of copper. Copper is said to be excellent for the immune system, for maintaining a healthy digestion, and also reduces chances of cancer.

copper vessels

The main reason why our grandparents’ generation swore by copper utensils is the fact that copper is alkaline, and drinking water out of which cools the body down effectively. In our modern day lives, all the fast food we consume really takes a toll on our bodies. The toxins our bodies absorb through the day, and the stress which imbalances the Ph levels of our bodies, making it acidic, food and water stored in a copper vessel overnight will help us with needed alkaline levels thereby balancing the Ph levels of our body.

However, make sure that while you can store almost anything in a copper vessel, foods that contain salt, lemon, or tomatoes will end up making the food more acidic, and hence unhealthy. Foods that have a neutral Ph balance, like cooked rice, dal, boiled veggies, should be stored in copper vessels to reap its benefits.

If not for storage, a copper vessel can be used to cook food. A lined vessel should be preferred so that it doesn’t transfer heat too fast.

cook in copper

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Copper Vessels:

1. Improved immunity – People who are falling sick frequently with flu and have low immunity benefit from copper.

2. Copper is anti-cancer agent – It reduces risk of all forms of cancer as it works as an anti-oxidant and thus, reducing toxic load in the body.

3. It puts an end to bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella.

4. It prevents food-borne infections as it doesn’t allow the bacteria to multiply.

5. As per Ayurveda, copper vessels should be used to cut down doshas (physical and mental ailments) like acidity, heart burn, congestion, phlegm, cough, mucus, etc.

A Quick Guide On How To Buy A Copper Vessel

copper bottle

The above points must have assured to as to how and why can copper be used to reap benefits for a better body function. Here is how you can buy the right copper vessel for your home.

Buy vessels made of pure copper, instead of those mixed with other metals. You can go for water jugs which are completely made of copper, or go for a copper glass if the jugs are too expensive.

Rinse it thoroughly after you’ve bought it, and pour fresh water into it. Don’t forget to cover the water with a lid. A same copper lid can be used or a steel/glass dish or coaster will work fine too.

You can always tell a pure copper and mixed-with-metal apart by checking for the design of the vessel. Copper is a very soft metal and can’t be molded into intricate designs. A very distinctly made copper vessel has a higher chance of being adulterated. No wonder our daadi’s copper jugs look like a lump!

After Care

Coarse scrubs would only end up scrapping away the copper from inside the vessel. A better way to wash and maintain your vessels would be using a lemon to rub the insides of the vessels and then washing them off with water.

how to take care of copper vessel

One can also use baking soda and water, by coating the insides with the mixture, and leaving it put for a couple of minutes. Rinse away the excess for a shiny, rejuvenated vessel.

Please Note

It is important to understand that copper is not innately used or utilized by our bodies. Just like an excess to anything can have ill effects, just like a lot of consumption of water or food from a copper vessel can be bad for your body.

According to the FDA about 12 mg/day is more than sufficient for the body to use without causing any harm. So, do not overdo the entire process in the wake of absorbing “more” minerals or its good effects. Drinking water twice or thrice in a day from a copper vessel is more than enough to reap its benefits.

We hope you can make a steady switch to copper vessels, as they are a great way to optimize health. Cheers to good health! 🙂

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