The Ujjain Simhastha 2016 will be falling in Guru Chandal Yog. This is something which has raised the anxiety of the  higher administrations & lot of visitors are also taking it in to their considerations before vsiting simhastha mahakumbh.

What is GURU Chandal Yog?

Guru Chandal Yoga is considered as an inauspicious Yog.  Astrologically, when Jupiter (Guru) is in conjunction with Rahu, or he is posited with Gulika, or Jupiter is influenced by Rahu or Ketu, we call it Guru Chandal Yog. It should be noted that Jupiter must be weak or debilitated, in this case. 

Speculations about Simhasth Mahakumbh 2016

This Yog is considered to be inauspicious, the effect of this yog might come in the form of an Epidemic, increased rate of accidents and can cause death of some prominent political personality. But considering the fact that spirituality & mythological believes may sometimes contradict each other; so we believe & request everyone that we should not panic with such believes and instead should take part with extreme faith in omni presence of god.

Since its world’s biggest mythological fair of hindu calendar , the administration has also taken various measures to prevent any kind of mishappening & to provide facilities to the various holy saints, visitors & foreign tourists.

For counterbalance of the harmful effect of Guru Chandal Yog

  • In October 2015 President of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad (ABAP) Narenda Giri, general secretary Hari Giri along with the chiefs of 13 Akhadas performed Pujan of Kshipra River at its origin at Ujjayini village for hassle-free organization of Simhastha Fair-2016.
  • The Sadhus believe that the Yoga will not affect the fair and people as Ujjain the city of Mahakal

Administrative Arrangements


  • The authorities and NGO’s are doing their best to make the event fuss free and extremely memorable for all the pilgrims
  • ATMs in the Fair area to facilitate banking transactions
  • 24X7 Helpline: toll free helpline no. 1100, it will be open 24X7 for all necessary information.
  • 5 Km long river banks (ghat) for easy Shahi Snana. It is estimated that nearly 80 lac people will take dip in Holy River in period of 12 hour.
  • Six huge satellite towns are created. For convenience of the passengers two new flag stations are established for trains to halt.
  • The government takes care of the basic amenities like electricity, drinking water, comfortable lodging and security during the Kumbh festival.

For Proper flow of traffic


Four lanes, bi-lanes, bridges have been constructed and the roads have been widened. No vehicle zones are distinguished by roadmaps for free walking of pilgrims. Proper Commutation facilities are introduced for making hassle free commute.

For Security


  • Fifty one police chowkies are created for security of the visitors.
  • 25000 police officers will be on duty for the period of Simhastha
  • Bomb disposal squads and CCTVs that have face-detection technologies,
  • Strict checking at all entrance points into Ujjain and the cameras at these check points will take photos of the car number plates and send them to the database.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) map of the entire area.
  • There are two apps for Simhastha and the Mela Township will have 101 Wi-Fi zones.

For Green Simastha


  • Administration has banned all kinds of plastic.
  • The ozone level and the aeration of the river will be constantly checked

Simhastha takes place after every 12 year in Ujjain. The dates of the Simhastha are determined in accordance with planetary positions. As when the Jupiter enters the Libra and the Sun and the Moon stay together on Kartik Amavasya , the Simhastha Mela is held in Ujjain. During this period of time the level of positive energy at particular place will be increased to its peak. It has so many positive effects on the entire human race. So Don’t miss out this golden opportunity, Come and be a part of  world’s largest festival of the celebration of faith.



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