DJ Syrah : A Girl from Indore is recreating music and making the nation dance

Music needs no introduction it runs in every vein and heart. Everyone knows how to step up to the tunes but very few can make you dance to their own. Indore HD had a talk with one such rising artist from Indore about traversing and recreating music-DJ Syrah! In no time DJ Syrah has been […]

A tricky Talk with the Magic Boy of Indore – Deepak Mishra

Recently, Indore HD got a chance to have a word with Indore based Magician, or should we call him an Artist, Mr. Deepak Mishra. Deepak Mishra is an unusual combination of Tricks, methods and sleight-of-hand magician. Performing magic is not simply about entertaining, he points out in this interview, as he states that it is […]


MakeUp Talk with Mehak Dawar, The Promising Makeup Artist from Indore

IndoreHD is always keeping a close eye on the fresh & budding talents around the town. Our platform always creates the synergy between talents & opportunities for all those who seems to be promising to the city. This time,¬†Team Indore HD got a chance to have a fabulous date with one of the most promising […]